10 Dos And Don’ts Of The Workplace
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Friday 31 st August 2018

10 Dos And Don’ts Of The Workplace

Meaning of Rules at Work:

Rules of work indicate a collection of standards, customarily placed by a company in an alliance with management, defining the duties to be accomplished by each employee.

Why is it important?

Rules and Regulations are of the most important things to build a successful company. Rules help in the smooth functioning of a company which included avoid chaos, duplication of work and ignorance of work.  Rules help an employee to embrace every moment and work in a disciplined way.

Mentioned below are the rules which will encourage you to work better.


Punctuality is the key to success, no matter what you go through, make sure that you are always on time at the office. Timeliness will encourage you to stand out as a credible and a trustworthy person


Self-discipline is vital to achieving set goals. It is essential for acquiring any skill, and for victory in self-improvement, religious growth, and speculation.


 The first reason that most employers expect to have from their workers is that he should be accountable. Being responsible makes your life great in many ways. A responsible person is one who can be esteemed to act without requiring stringent surveillance as they are culpable for their behavior.


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4.Dress code

Every profession has its different way of adorning; you can put on what you feel like. Dress to suit your business. If the command in the office declares to dress formal or casual, it would be in your real concern to adhere to your organised religion.

5.Separate your priorities

 While working it is essential to separate your preferences. You can get your family matters to the office. Never drag your emotions to your workplace.  You are expected to work, and that's all that matters.

6.Goal Oriented

It is imperative for an employer to be goal oriented and finish every task on time, and help the company reach great heights. You have to apply knowledge, and skills to achieve fancied objectives.


An employer should be encouraged to take the effort to work assigned to you.  One should have an eagerness to initiate actions without being asked to do so. This will help in developing trust and responsibility.


You are expected to use a decent word while working. You can't use informal slangs in the workplace. When you overlook it, you breach professional standards.


 It is crucial to believe in your team and work with them. An employer is much more expected to do great when they dwell well as a team. Knowing the value of teamwork can help you and your company to reach great success.

10. Code of conduct

Last but not least; it is essential to obey rules placed by your company. Regulations and regulations are necessary as it serves the ethics of business. If you follow a proper set of rules and regulations, you might reach great heights, and the company would choose you over hundreds of employees.

So, the above mentioned are a few points that every employer is expected to follow, whether it is a small scale organisation or a large scale organisation, you have to follow the rules.



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