10 Jobs You Won't Believe Exist
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Saturday 30 th June 2018

10 Jobs You Won't Believe Exist

As promised, here are ten jobs which you may not have heard of before. Some of them are more extreme (and some are definitely more pleasant than others)

 1. Naked Cleaner

Cleaning company Naturist Cleaners offers clients a service where their staff will clean properties whilst naked. The rates of pay aren't bad, getting paid £45 per hour (a typical self-employed cleaner will earn around £10 an hour).

2. Wedding Guest

In certain areas of the world, wedding hosts will pay people to attend. This includes having a paid for best-man and maid of honour. One such company is Family-Romance in Japan who will hire out "guests" for 10,000 yen (as of July 2018, approximately £70)


3. Chicken Sexer

If you fancy being paid £40,000 to identifier the gender of day-old chicks, then this is the job for you, especially as there is currently a shortage. To become proficient, it generally takes around 3 years.  

4. Cuidacarro (car watcher)

If you want to increase the chances of your car being where you left it in Costa Rica, you pay a Cuidacarro to guard your car. 

 5. Bicycle Fishers

Bicycles end up in the canals of Amsterdam, which has spawned a unique opportunity of bicycle fishing. 

6. Waterslide Tester

First Choice in 2013 employed Seb Smith to travel the world, testing out waterslides at their hotels. 

7. Bed Tester

If you have the job title of Product Manager at Premier Inn, it could potentially be called "bed and pillow tester". It is a more complicated process that you would expect; there is much more than just a comfy mattress. Things such as making sure it is strong enough to sit on and that support is evenly distributed so that couples don't roll into each other. 

8. Lego Sculptor/Product Designer

If you enjoy Lego, Lego has roles where you can spend your days building and designing Lego creations.

9. Hotel Tester

Trivago (used to?) offer travellers the ability to be hotel testers. They get paid 80 euros per review. Not bad. 

The Eurostars Hotel Group also offers travellers the opportunity to stay in Hotels around the world. They only have 10 positions, so act quickly!

10. Professional Pusher

If you thought the London Underground was congested in the morning, the Japanese Metros takes things to another level, with staff employed to push people onto the train (I presume to help ensure an on-time departure). 


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