15 Reasons Why You Want This Job
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Friday 14 th June 2019

15 Reasons Why You Want This Job

The question, “why do you want this job”, is perhaps the ultimate interview question.  Interviewees dread it and some regard it as frustrating and impossible to answer.

The other questions interviewers are likely to ask will generally focus on factual information, such as your previous experience and any qualifications gained.  However, your answer when asked why you want this job, will tell the interviewer much about you and will give them an opportunity to understand your motivations in applying for this job.

What Interests You About This Job?

  1. The interviewer wants to ensure that you are the right candidate for the job, so it’s important that you demonstrate that you have extensive knowledge of the company.
  2. This is where thoroughly researching the company, and the position you are applying for, will prove invaluable. So, ensure you have a good knowledge of where the company sits within the industry, their history and in what direction they see the company heading in the future.
  3. Some companies have a careers section, so have a look and see if you can gather any information about interview expectations. There may even be job descriptions available, which would allow you to tailor your skills and experience accordingly.
  4. You need to show that you understand the role and the company and make yourself the best candidate for the job.

Why Do You Want This Job?

Again, thorough research will pay off if you are asked this question. 

  1. Good reasons might be that this is a company you have long respected and are therefore very keen to join the team, or perhaps you are very interested in the specific services/products this company provides.
  2. Maybe you have heard good things about the company’s culture and ethos or perhaps you are aware that the company is growing, and you are interested in joining a company which is rapidly expanding.
  3. Or possibly, the company is renowned for offering further education and training and this is something very important to you.
  4. Whatever your reasons, your answer will illustrate how much (or how little!) you have researched, so do your homework and never go into an interview unprepared because you will be wasting everyone’s time – including your own.
  5. So, check out the company’s social media presence, Google the company and look on LinkedIn.
  6. Do you know someone who works for the company? If so, that’s great – exploit the connection and get as much ‘inside’ information on things like company culture and training opportunities as you can.
  7. Remember other candidates will be doing their research so give yourself the best possible chance.
  8. If there’s one big ‘don’t’ then don’t be vague – a generalised answer with no depth won’t impress anyone and will just highlight your lack of preparation or indifference.

Why Do I Want This Job?

In order to answer the question ‘why do you want this job?’ put to you by an interviewer, you first need to ask yourself the question, ‘why do I want this job?’.

  1. Assuming you aren’t just going through the motions, what are your main motivations for applying for this role? Money will be a big motivator for many of us and that’s fine but it’s not what an interviewer wants to hear!
  2. So, what is it about this company that particularly appeals to you? Be honest with yourself – can you see yourself working for this company, in this location and carrying out these duties as part of your position?
  3. If your heart isn’t really in it, this will come across in the interview so only apply for those positions you are genuinely interested in and which your skills and experience will support.

Every interviewer wants to hire someone who demonstrates excitement, self-motivation and enthusiasm, along with the skills and experience required for the role.  If your answer to the notorious question, ‘why do you want this job?’ demonstrates all of these attributes, you will be a hard candidate to beat.


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