20 Step LinkedIn Profile Checklist
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Monday 03 rd June 2019

20 Step LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Having a LinkedIn profile is a great way to be found when you are looking for a career change. Recruiters actively search through LinkedIn to find ideal candidates. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile or your profile is out of date, the chance of being contacted greatly diminishes.

We have put together a profile checklist which we hope you find useful


LinkedIn Profile Basics


  1. Is the name you have on your profile correct? A lot of people include their job title in their profile name. This is unadvisable.

Profile Picture

  1. Can you clearly see your face?
  2. Is the image in a professional setting? A great photo on a night out is not appropriate.
  3. Does the photo have filters applied? Photos with filters applied are generally not a good idea!
  4. Is the photo of a high enough resolution so that it isn’t pixilated?

LinkedIn Profile Headline

  1. What is your role? If several job titles appear it might make your role unclear and may not appear in LinkedIn search results.
  2. You may want to include your current company.
  3. If you are currently a student or are unemployed, describe your ideal role. Be realistic here though - make sure the job you want is achievable with your experience and qualifications.

Profile Summary

  1. Consider the profile summary in the same way you would an executive summary on your CV
  2. Use optimised search terms
  3. Explain your career
  4. Use bullet points and short paragraphs
  5. Include your achievements


  1. Include your highest qualification
  2. Include your professional qualifications


  1. In the description for each job, include:
    1. three achievements
    2. your main responsibilities
    3. any awards received
  2. Use a standardised job title if your actual job title is more creative. An example being “PHP Guru” should be written as “PHP developer”

Skills and Endorsements

  1. Identify 10 skills which you possess
  2. Try to get 5-10 professional endorsements for your skills


  1. Include companies that you aspire to work for



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