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  • Posted Wednesday 25 th August 2021

5 Career Options for Business Management Degree Graduates

Business management degrees have long been the standard for helping to propel business degree holders and those looking for a management career into the jobs of their dreams. This is still very true despite the changes to the workforce that have been caused by the work-from-home reality that we are all now faced with.

For those who have gotten their business management degree, or those who are considering getting one, it can be hard to be sure that you will be able to use your degree in the ways that you expected now that we are all faced with this new reality. Thankfully, there are some really solid options that you can leverage for your business management career plans, all of them related to your business management degree completion.

If you are ready to find out more about the career options for business management degree graduates, you need to keep reading.

What is a Business Management Degree?

This is a degree that is intended to give students an understanding of and experience with all of the major parts of business management. You will learn accounting, operations, marketing, human resources, and many other things when you seek this degree.

This is one of the most intensive programs that any student can enter into but it will teach you so many necessary skills that you will be prepared for many kinds of management careers when you are done with your coursework. The skills that you will learn with this degree will be useful to you for many potential career paths and you will not regret seeking this degree.

Careers Options for Business Management Degree Graduates

  1.       Nonprofit Work

Nonprofits are a great place to look for a job when you have a business management degree. This is largely because these companies are made for self-starters and those with a nimble ability to adjust to the changing pace of technology and marketing requirements in the modern business world. Being able to pitch effectively to investors and being competent at selling your company’s products to those who need to know about them are major factors in nonprofit success.

The added benefit to working in the nonprofit world is that you will get the chance to make a big difference in the world. You will have the freedom to promote an ethos that you think is effective and correct for your nonprofit to be focused on. Having the freedom to manage the outreach and effect of your nonprofit on the lives of others is a huge attraction to this kind of work for many people.


  1.       Finance and Banking

Finance is always a great place to land if you want to make really good money and to be able to improve people’s chances of gaining financial security. Personal bankers and investment advisors can help people to have enough money for retirement as well as helping them to save for college and many other necessary expenses they will need funding for during their lifetime.

Banking and finance can offer up almost unlimited career growth opportunities for those who want to be able to seek new challenges often and grow in their job exponentially over time. There are many great management jobs within these sectors as well as great individual jobs with a high degree of autonomy.

  1.       Management

This might seem obvious, but there are few straight lines to management jobs today that do not include a business management degree. Many companies are no longer willing to hire just anyone to manage portions of their company, so you might have to be inside the company for many years working in another role if you do not get hired with a business management degree.

Having this degree in hand can help you to skip the process of proving yourself and get hired as a manager right from the start. This can move along the pace of your career growth greatly and help you to gain traction toward even more management responsibility in the future.


  1.       Management Analyst

This job is a really great fit if you decide on this degree path and you enjoy crunching numbers and improving overall workflows. This job asks you to look into a company or department’s operation processes and figure out where to make things more efficient, more cost-effective, and overall more productive.

This is usually a consultant position and it can offer you the freedom to scale your own business and work around your own goals. You will have to have a lot of expertise to take on this job and there are few people who will be able to compete with you in this role. You will be able to charge for your work what you are worth and then some in most cases.

  1.       Human Resources

If you have always enjoyed hiring people and like the process of onboarding new staff and locating talent, being in charge of a human resources department might be perfect for you. There are never enough people with the skills to take on this job and you will be in high demand as soon as you decide that this is the right job for you.

Human resources experts are very valuable for their knowledge in the ways to create the perfect hiring processes as well as their attention to detail during the onboarding process. You will be able to craft the entire hiring process that a company uses in this job role and help your company to get the best employees for their needs.

Business Management is a Great Degree to Choose


It should be clear by now just how many options you will gain access to when you have a business management degree in your hand. You will be able to pick and choose which companies you decide to work for and you will be in high demand in nearly any industry.

Choosing business management is one of the best ways to create job opportunities for yourself that you would not otherwise be able to even consider.



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