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  • Posted Tuesday 18 th January 2022

8 reasons why java is still very relevant in 2022

In recent years, we have read tons of arguments questioning the continuous relevance of Java, and honestly, I think this shouldn’t be up for an argument. As weird as I find this, I don’t blame the critics; we programmers are spoilt for choices.

With the multiplicity of programming languages-maybe 700 now, it becomes easy to criticize and discredit proven languages. But of course, everybody is entitled to their opinion. But the question of whether java is relevant in 2022 shouldn’t be based on just opinions but facts.

A CodeGym publication tells us that Java is 26 years old, making it one of the oldest programming languages, yet it remains very relevant for recent tech development. Countless programmers around the world use Java, including large corporations like Facebook and Google. Java is also used by the Android operating system and has been the most widely used programming language for mobile app development.

According to SlashData, Java is the third most popular programming language. If you aggregate multiple surveys on the preferred programming language, I assure you that Java would make it in the top four.

Let’s further discuss eight reasons why Java is still relevant in 2022.

Top eight reasons to learn Java in 2022

Java is a household name when it comes to programming languages. Every developer has either used it or heard of it. Its relevance remains undisputed, and here is why;

Java is in high-demand

Java is one of the most widely used programming languages on the planet. According to Oracle publications, it is used by over 9 million software programmers and is also operational on about 7 billion devices.

Java developers earn high

Java engineers are among the highest-paid professionals in the industry. The average salary of an experienced Java developer is $93,116 per year in the USA. Payscale.com reveals that the average salary for an entry-level java programmer is $59,053 per annum in the USA. The salary scale can quickly get up to or more than $100,00 after a few years.

It is important to note that rates may slightly differ based on location, employer, or level of experience. In general, Java developers' salaries are highly competitive.

Java is beginner-supportive and relatively easy to learn

Many tech experts argue that Java is the beginners' language because it is easy to learn, and you can complete the learning process in a short period. New developers find it comfortable because it allows users to focus on programming rather than more complicated machine processes.

Another reason why Java is still relevant in 2022 is that it shares the same syntax principles with English; this makes it easy to write codes with the language.

There are a lot of useful sources to learn Java

There is no scarcity for Java education. Numerous resources range from videos to texts, online courses, and more that offer robust training on Java. Amongst the numerous good options available, CodeGym is a great one because they offer a unique approach to learning Java.

CodeGym believes programmers are made, not born; hence they offer a holistic yet simple-to-understand java course.

Learning Java on CodeGym gives you access to professional mentorship and an active community of learners and experts to help enhance the learning process. They do not give you the typical-boring online school vibes because they adopt innovative teaching methods, including games, story-telling, and practical lessons.

It is a cross-platform programming language with very small limitations

Java is extremely adaptable, as it can be used to develop apps for various platforms and operating systems like the web, mobile, desktop, and other platforms. Java also includes several features, including adaptive coding, platform independence, etc.

Growth focused community

One of the core points that has successfully piloted the successful growth of Java in the last so far is its intriguing, innovative, and supportive community. Irrespective of how good and easy a programming language is, the absence of a supportive community to nurture, guide, and provide access to a wealth of knowledge for newbies and professionals will fail.

Java doesn’t operate in isolation. As such, it has a thriving community and active forums saddled with the responsibility of helping both novice and expert Java programmers access information. For instance, expert programmers provide free consultation for beginner programmers. Forums such as StackOverflow, GitHub, and numerous java user groups make this possible.

Numerous publicly available libraries

Java also operates a system of open source libraries, making it feasible to access and use everywhere. Java development has seen better evolutions and is now uncomplicated, swift, and cost-efficient, all thanks to the generous contributions of libraries such as Apache Commons, Google Guava, etc.

To ensure that Java development is in tandem with the best practices of software artistry, bodies such as Maven, Springs, and struts have taken steps to enable Java developers to come up with stellar jobs and advocate the use of design style in getting the job done.

Wide range of development tools

The spice of Java development lies in its numerous development tools at the disposal of programmers. In certain quarters, it is believed that the elite status of the Java programming language is tied to development tools like Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and Netbeans, which has been the favorite for backend developments. While these tools are notorious for code completion, they possess great debugging capability.

Also, one cannot deny the glee of android developers when coding with Android Studio IDE. This tool for developing apps for any device just got fast and fluent. Another great development tool is the Visual Studio code designed to make building and debugging cloud-based applications and modern web seamless.

Aside from the Java development tools discussed above, the Java platform, other tools like Maven, Ant, and Jenkins make learning Java worth the while


At this point, we believe you understand why Java is still very relevant in 2022; it is and will continue to be a widely-used programming language with extensive use-cases. I predict Java developers to be even more in demand by next year and beyond. So brush up on your skills or study the language thoroughly to be relevant as a programmer.


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