A Quick Guide To Careers In The Creative Industry
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Thursday 23 rd June 2022

A Quick Guide To Careers In The Creative Industry

Some people don’t see a job in the creative industry as a serious career. This is because the path to becoming a lawyer or a doctor is obvious, work hard and make it to the desired institution. But how do you get a career in the creative industry? The essential thing is to listen to yourself, recognize your talent and pursue your passion. If you want to spend your days doing what you love, go through this handy guide. 

What Are Creative Jobs? 

Nowadays, there are many creative jobs, and artistic fields are growing exponentially. But most of these jobs don’t leave many opportunities to be creative. Instead, they belong to a highly anonymous army of labor working within vast companies that execute the creative designs. 

Modern capitalism has radically reduced the number of jobs that retain creativity. At the same time, technology has introduced way more job opportunities. 

Most Popular Jobs in Creative Industry 

The best thing about the creative industry is the variety of jobs. Here is a list of creative career paths to choose in 2022: 

1. Animator and Motion Designer ($66 000/ year)

A cool thing about animation is that the basic principles have not changed since the ‘50s. Today, it’s one of those crafty careers that can’t be tackled with a DIY approach. Clients can’t make convincing animations by themselves. They need someone who knows what they are doing. However, with these advancements, graphic designers and animators' charges have increased tremendously and vary from state to state in Australia. However, you can find good deals if you shop around. When looking for a reliable professional to create a graphic design in Brisbane, you can find affordable and quality services if you take the time to compare offers in your area. It is a high-demand skill in the creative world. Making a logo or a title sequence move will automatically elevate any content to a higher level, and clients are well aware of that. 

2. Photography and Videography ($66 000/ year) 

There will always be a need for photographers and videographers who take ordinary images to a highly professional level. You may think photographer services are low in demand, but we beg to differ. Just because everyone carries a good enough camera these days doesn’t mean they can capture a picture like a qualified photographer. 

Most people have no clue about the shutter speed or other settings. They may have read these terms in their settings but don’t fully understand how they function. 

Drone videography is rising as well as shooting with an 8k. Once you get into these creative entrepreneurial mindsets, you will see the opportunities. 

3. User Experience and Interface Design ($97 000/ year)

Creating two-dimensional flat imagery is not impressive anymore, but crafting new immersive, exciting experiences by combining all the established old-school things like graphic designing and photography definitely is. 

UI and UX designers are on the rise. Immersive websites and exciting ways of showing data and content will always be needed. Their job is simply to ensure that we are getting the best content possible whenever we go online because our tastes and expectations change in terms of user experience. 

4. Social Media Manager ($45 000/ year)

If you are comfortable about where we are at the moment in the online scope and have a genuine passion for social media, then you could establish yourself as a social media manager. 

This is the jack-of-all-trades kind of a career in which you would do many different things involving research, visual editing, and copywriting. In this career path, good writing skills is required as it’s something that can never really be automated. 

Languages and the way we speak are constantly evolving. Sometimes, it’s not a logical, predictable evolution. Words and phrases come and go, and things you know like an up-to-date sense of humor or demonstrating actual human empathy with a piece of writing are something automated algorithms can’t do or predict. 

5. Augmented Reality and 3D Designer ($47 000/ year)

Often, brands are not happy with still imagery and videos. They want their little virtual realities through an Instagram filter, and that’s just the beginning of this field. It will keep growing as technology grows. These 3D designers are everywhere, and not just for interior design and architecture; there is a lot of 3D rendered digital illustration works. 

6. Audio Expert and Sound Engineer ($54 000/ year) 

Brands and video creators need custom sounds and music all the time. Podcasting is on the rise, voice-activated virtual assistants are commonplace and now we have voice-only social media networks too. 

All the people excelling in creative fields related to content creation keep mentioning the importance of good quality audio. Many agree that it’s more important than picture quality. So, this area can only move upward in the future. 

Level of Qualifications Needed in Creative Industries 

The creative ecology in this area is incredible. You don’t have to go to London to get a degree and do this. But you do need one or more of the following skills to survive in this industry: 


You don’t have to be the best at creating images or videos. Instead, you should be able to utilize your imagination and ideas and implement them. Your creative side makes you stand out. 


You can't survive in a creative industry if you don’t know how to convey your ideas to other people. Secondly, many people work with you, and you must give them instructions and cooperate in implementing them. So, you need to be good at communicating your thoughts. 


The creative industry is developing every day because so many media and technologies are involved. In an ever-changing industry, you should be able to adapt to polish your skills further. 

Time Management 

You must be able to manage your time to meet deadlines. Find the best method to manage time - some people write things down, while others might use charts and other visuals. 

Time Management

Regardless of your job niche, creativity is a key skill. With the increasing digitalization and automation of life, computers can do far more jobs than people are currently doing. But luckily, creativity will always be a human superpower.


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