Applicant Management Interface
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Thursday 09 th August 2018

What Is An Applicant Management Interface?


Job Seekers love using an applicant management interface.

If you want to take control of your job search an applicant management interface is the best option for any active job seeker and person who is passively looking for work.


With hundreds of job boards to search through an applicant management interface provides one place to view and apply for jobs.

Many jobs are advertised online at least 3 times according to the data which we collect to calculate salaries, meaning it is hard to keep track of what is happening in the process of looking for work.

It’s the job seeker responsibility to manage and secure their next position and an applicant management interface plays a vital role streamlining the process.

For any one position consider that it is likely that the company with the vacant requirement, several agencies, multiple posting companies and aggregators are all advertising the same position. By using an applicant management interface, it helps the person manage their outbound efforts when following up with job board applications and when making direct approaches.

An applicant management interface provides the users one place search for jobs and drive their job search.


An applicant management interfaces help the user by giving them control and the ability to track their applications by recording opportunities that they have viewed, applied for and dismissed.

It supports the job seeker further by recording information throughout every stage of the recruitment process through to offer stage. The software is readily available should the user wish to reconnect with previous opportunities next time they are looking for work.

By using an application management interface, it can make applying for jobs easier and should mean you need to apply for to less adverts.


They are simple to use; once you have logged in, start by editing the filter section, change your job feeds to the job titles that you are targeting.

Results will be displayed in your dashboard where you can view, apply and manage.

Update opportunities that you are interested in by adding notes and recording helpful information.


All the time! Once you have secured a job, realign your feed to a more senior role . Over 85% of the market are passively looking for work and you can monitor jobs that you aspire to, making your next job search easier.

Consider setting up some feedback in other industries, applicant management interfaces are designed to help you throughout your career not just went you are active in the market.


This is the best part – they’re free to use.

Applicant management interfaces have relationship with job boards and aggregators, so candidates can benefit from a tidy piece of software, making their job of finding a job simple and hassle free!


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