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  • Posted Thursday 16 th November 2023

Career Paths, Job Opportunities, and Salaries in the UK Online Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry is worth billions in pounds. In the UK, this industry seems to be gaining pace each year and is projected to grow at a rate of at least 10% per annum. As a result, anyone looking for a long-term career path can consider hopping onto this train. But what kinds of jobs are available and how much can you make? Let’s find out:

Careers in Online Gambling

One career path that leads to success is operating an online casino. Thanks to the lenient UK regulations and limited entry barriers, many casino operators have found it much easier to conquer online casinos than their physical counterparts. Of course, such businesses require millions, and not everyone can access this much money.

What other options can you consider?

1.   Gambling

Do you know that you can take on gambling as a career? This path suits everyone with a smart device and access to the internet. After all, most top casino sites offer games at low buy-ins, provide some of the best games, and have high RTPs. And best of all, you can start your career with as little as five pounds!

So, how much can you make as a gambler? The payouts vary based on the games you play, your commitment to growing your skills, and the sites you use. For example, some poker players make thousands of pounds per game, while some slots players win as much as ten thousand pounds in jackpots!

2.   Customer Support

The growth of online casinos has led to the need for increased customer support. Working in this industry does not require much besides training in how to deal with customer queries. Some companies don’t even need you to have prior training and will do the training themselves. On a typical day, you will answer calls, emails, or chats from customers and address them to ensure they are satisfied with the responses.

The salaries range from £18,000 to £25,000 a year for full-time support agents. Hourly rates are also possible for part-timers, and you can earn anything from £10 to £30 per hour.

3.   Graphic Designer

As online games become more realistic, graphic designers have landed on a goldmine as their services have become more integral to casino growth. Your job would involve creating visuals that convey the intended feeling to the players. For example, you can design themes for slots games to make them more exciting or work on ideas for themed events. The opportunities are endless.

On average, a graphic designer takes home £30,000 to £60,000 a year. The payment varies on the company, the city where the company operates, and whether you work full-time. Thus, it is possible to take home much more.

4.   Copywriter

Part of marketing casinos requires people who can write compelling descriptions of the games and their payouts. As a copywriter, this would be your job. You would likely focus on the landing pages, game descriptions, reviews, news updates, and other resources that would add value to the players.

Copywriters are pretty flexible, such that they can work with several companies simultaneously. But if hired in a permanent position, you will likely make £20,000 to £30,000 a year. The rates increase with seniority as creatives can take home as much as £100,000 annually.

5.   Game Tester

How cool would it be to try games before they came into the market? Well, that is something you can take on as a career. Most gaming companies hire testers to test factors like loading speeds, entertainment, and simplicity. For example, if a company wants to start distributing a bingo game variation, it would have you play it several times and relay your thoughts before it moves on to the launch.

But how much can you make with such a fun job? The rates start at about £20,000 yearly for junior testers and go up to £50,000 for more experienced testers. You can also work hourly with rates ranging from £10 to about £30 per hour.

6.   Social Media Specialist

Most casinos realise that many of their clients are on social media. They thus need people who can curate content that attracts these prospective clients and leads them to their sales funnels. Your work will include creating social media posts, engaging with the audience, and updating the audience about new games or offers through various platforms.

While it might seem easy, social media management is quite challenging. As such, companies are willing to pay handsomely for people who can produce the best results. Salaries start at £40,000 annually and increase with seniority and engagement rate.

7.   Accounting Officer

The kind of money that moves through online casinos is so much that casino operators need all the help they can get. Your work would thus gravitate towards ensuring the accounts balance and finding ways to reduce operating costs without hurting the company’s profits.

You will likely take home £30,000 as a start. But as you progress, you can take home double or triple this amount, especially when working for a casino whose profits are on the rise.

Other profitable careers include marketing, 3D artistry, and sales. With so many options, there is room for many people to take advantage of the growing industry and position themselves for the bigger things to come.


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