Conquering Your Job Search
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Thursday 09 th August 2018

Conquering Your Job Search

You are possibly out of work, fed up in your current position, looking for a change in your career or maybe about to start looking for your first job.


Regardless of why you’re about to start a new journey, ‘winning’ now can be financially rewarding and set you up for the future.

If you have made the decision that now is the time to find a new challenge, you therefore need to consider how you are going to conquer your job search.

Where do you start and what do you need to do?

Firstly, you need to realise your situation, understand your targets and visualise the journey that you are about to embark on.

It might sound clichéd, but planning now will be rewarding, it will give you more job options and subsequently be rewarding.

The process will involve putting yourself out there, possibly into new waters, you may be even tested so you need to be ready.


Before you start your job search, understand what industry and positions interest you and start to understand why you think that will satisfy you.

Many people don’t know what they would like to do or what they hope to achieve, that’s normal. If so, seek advice from friends and family. Do an online psychometric tests to understand your strengths and which type of jobs your personality type is best suited for.

Take time to research the internet, look for jobs, consider career paths, evaluate life style balance, monies you need to earn now and in the future.

Use salary sites to help you, this will also help you understand the variety of jobs that are available

Don’t limit research to the internet, attend exhibitions in industries that appeal to you. This will help you speak with people who can share their experiences and give valuable insight.

It’s a great place to network and if you are lucky you may-be able to create some opportunities, possibly even land an interview.

How do you plan to manage your applications? Products like ami provide a platform and gives access to literally hundreds of thousands of jobs, allowing you to manage and drive your job hunting efforts.

Targeting suitable positions

When you completed your research, you should now need to understand the type of positions that interested you and have a better understanding of the career path you wish to pursue.

Reflect on the jobs that you are interested in and challenge yourself.

  • Are you prepared to make the commitment that is required?
  • Are you well suited?
  • What training and qualifications are required?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • How do you fare against other candidates?
  • Are you looking to enter at the right level?
  • Are you being realistic?

If everything make sense, then you’re ready – go for it!

CV – getting it right!

Stick to the ‘rules’

  • Not too long, 3 – 4 pages.
  • A profile on you giving insight in to your career and personality is a great place to start
  • Be clear about your duties and achievements
  • Use bullet points!
  • Be careful when trying to put your personality into it – humour is dangerous territory
  • References or a quote from a previous company is helpful
  • Contact details are imperative!

Where to find jobs

We have already covered that exhibitions are a great place to network but where else should you be looking?

Job Boards

Consider which job boards suit the type of position that you are interested. Is using a job board aggregator a better place for you to start you job search?

Social Searching

New to this or are you a pro?

Literally you are only a few clicks away from any CEO or many leading entrepreneurs!

Be pragmatic though, whilst target the top of the firm, network in that company with other people who work there.

Think about how you are going to approach them, maybe now is the time to think outside the box!

Once you have thought of your strategy, send messages, ask questions, seek help, get guidance from them!

Company Research

Glassdoor is a great example of a website that helps you review companies; there is a wealth of information on there that can help you understand information about companies that you might be interested in approaching.

Take time to assess if the culture is right for you and what career path the company might offer.


Apart from visiting companies and passing on your CV, this is the next ‘old school’ way to find work.

Do you have previous relationships that you can reconnect with and which companies specialise in your market?

You need to work at this and promote your skill set to recruiters who are interested in working with you.

You need to keep on their radar but make sure you get the balance right; do this by making phone calls, sending emails and being helpful.

Keep an eye on their jobs and if you can refer good candidates that I am sure they’ll be interested in hearing from you.

Another way is sharing leads of information about companies or line manager who are recruiting.

Following up


20 years recruitment experience, in multiple markets has taught me you need to be intuitive when it comes to following up and there are several tactics that you can deploy. Be persistent, be patient, be creative – but don’t be a pest!

  • Follow up by email or a phone call or both over the course of a week to confirm they have received your CV
  • Have they reviewed it? This is your chance to ask a good open question
  • Share some references
  • Share an idea about how you would succeed in the position, draw comparisons to success that you have had previously.

That didn’t work?

  • Don’t push too hard but try to get some commitment as to when they hope to get back to you. If the rapport has been good, draw their attention to your strengths and why you are suitable.
  • If they haven’t read your CV, mentioned you have updated it and you’d like to resend. With any luck you are now on their radar if you weren’t before!

Oh, it did work? Great.

  • Push for feedback there, can this become a telephone interview? Check they are happy to continue speaking.
  • Assuming there has been a great rapport, suggest meeting

Interviews? We have previously created a list of 29 interview tips here!


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