Corporate Language Training – How to Convince Your Boss It’s Worth It?
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Tuesday 21 st June 2022

Corporate Language Training – How to Convince Your Boss It’s Worth It?

Are you ready to learn a new language for work, but unsure how to get started? Are you trying to convince your boss to implement a language learning program, but are not sure what to say to convince them? Are you a member of the HR department trying to improve the overall well-being of the company with language training for employees and need a way to sell the cost to the higher-ups of the company? Well, you have come to the right article because we are here to talk about how to do just that. A recent survey showed that 43% of internationally assigned employees were not even offered language training before being sent on their merry way to another country. This would undoubtedly be detrimental to a company’s ability to best conduct global business, as these employees are subject to the pitfalls of not understanding the culture and struggling to interact professionally with the local clientele. We believe that corporate language learning is paramount to the success of a business, especially if they plan on conducting said business on an international scale.

Many companies help provide this kind of training for corporations. They offer a wide variety of class options, both face-to-face and virtual, to give your company employees the best possible results for a very fair price. The tutors will provide the best service possible to your employees, giving your company a great boost on the global market. Whatever company you end up selling your boss on for language training for employees, here are a few ways to get them on board.

  • Convince your boss that it’s worth the time. Some bosses feel that it would take up too much time to offer language training for employees, but the opposite is actually true. Yes, learning a language does take time, but it takes less time than would be spent struggling with the lack of fluency in your workforce. Think about how much time a language course can take: a few hours a week can be sufficient to start the process of working towards fluency. Show that in comparison with how much time and money could be wasted by an employee who cannot effectively communicate with a client or worse, offends them with some cultural faux pas they did not know about because they have no language training. A few hours a week seems like a bargain for retaining and gaining clients, does it not?

  • Tell them about the benefits to the company. A high-performing team will reflect well on the higher-ups and show the company in a good light. Language training for employees will boost the cognitive abilities of the workforce, leading to higher productivity and focus as well as fewer costly mistakes. Studies have shown that 70% of employees, upon completing their language training, are more confident in their daily work and thus do better at their jobs. This, in turn, leads to better business relations, fewer mistakes, and more profit for the company. Your employees are also more likely to be more enthusiastic about finding new ways to improve and offer suggestions for the benefit of the company. As you can see, the ROI of language training for companies is very high. A small cost for a big improvement? Definitely a selling point.

  • Is the business global, or trying to be? If so, your boss absolutely needs to know how crucial language training for business is. When working internationally, if an employee cannot speak the language or understand the cultural social cues, business relations will be strained and possibly fail. People tend to be more trusting of someone who can speak their language and follow along culturally. The nuances of each language will be different, from phrasing to flow to the tone needed, and language training for employees will help to achieve the best results possible for your corporation. This is also crucial to things like global ad campaigns. Your employees need to be able to translate the same message across markets using the same images to achieve the same emotional response to reach your clientele. Language training for your company can help them master this.

  • Show them the big picture. Not only will language training for employees be good on the small scale, but in the long run, it will make the company more viable on the global market. Having a workforce and management team willing to put in the time for language training for the company shows dedication to your current and future clients. Having employees who are able to communicate effectively in various languages means that the company’s network will be far more expansive, giving your company a better grasp on the pulse of what is happening across the world so that your business can tailor its workings to the need of each city you are functioning in. Having a language training program in place for your company can also draw in more talent from the international pool. If they know that they will be given ample opportunity to learn the language, international employees will be more likely to want to join your company and feel welcome.

The benefits of language training for companies are immense, and all for a relatively low cost when you look at the ROI. Being willing to provide this training will make your company more appealing to employees and clients alike, which will lead to more business opportunities. If your bosses are willing to hear you out and you give them some of these selling points, your chances of success in convincing them will hopefully be higher. Show them a company like one of the best out there: Preply Business.  Your boss wants to look good and wants the company to look good, and what better way to do that than to offer a language training program for the company? A simple way to boost company morale and success, all within their grasp. We wish you the best of luck and hope that these tips will help you on your way to convincing your boss that corporate language training is well worth the cost and time.


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