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  • Posted Monday 30 th August 2021

Delivery Driver Jobs In Demand

Delivery driver jobs present an excellent career for those who love to be behind the wheel. If you are tempted by the prospect of working away from a physical office and the feeling of freedom this provides, you will be interested in driving salaries and the demand for drivers in the transportation and logistics sector.

The average salaries vary on the type of role, vehicle, duties, and company. You may be driving a car, van, or HGV and require a driving licence that covers these vehicle categories. However, the rewards are well worth the effort and driving tests and qualifications will be helpful throughout your career. Jobs are in very high demand, which will make finding a job much easier than in many other industries.

Here we look at the delivery jobs in highest demand, what they involve, and the job application requirement.

Amazon Driver

Amazon Driver jobs involve delivering merchandise and goods that customers have ordered through the Amazon website using Amazon Prime and other services. There are nationwide Amazon distributions, so you will easily find a local Amazon courier job. You will collect items from the hub and ensure all items are transported to the required delivery address in a safe and timely manner.

To work as an Amazon delivery driver, you need a full UK driver's licence and be over 18 years of age. If you want to work as an Amazon Flex, or Amazon Self Employed Driver, using your vehicle, you must be over 21. The job requires a smartphone with GPS, a clean criminal record, and you must successfully pass an Amazon driving check.

Just Eat Driver

Just Eat Delivery Driver jobs involve transporting food from restaurants to customers, ensuring that items arrive on time and in good condition. As a Just Eat Courier, you can work as an independent contractor using your vehicle to transport food deliveries. You can be a Just Eat Bike Courier or use your car for deliveries, and you earn money per delivery. Just Eat jobs in specific cities are also available on a salaried basis, giving you a fixed hourly rate, access to Just Eat delivery mopeds, and other benefits.

Uber Eats Driver

Uber Eats Delivery Driver jobs are available across the UK, so you will be able to find a position in your local town or city. Uber Eats Couriers are responsible for collecting food and beverages from restaurants and transporting the food to customers. Excellent navigation skills are an advantage, but you will also get route tips from the app when accepting a delivery order.

To work as an Uber Eats Driver using your vehicle, you will need a full UK driver's licence and be over 18 years old. To work using your scooter, you will need to be over 19 and have a valid licence, or you can work as an Uber Eats Bike Courier using a bicycle if you are over 18.

Uber Driver  

Uber Driver jobs allow you to set your own schedule and take driving jobs at times that are convenient to you. As an Uber Taxi Driver, you will pick up people when they request a driver through the app. You will need to adhere to safe driving practices and provide excellent customer service. Uber drivers require a private hire licence from their local authority, be 21 or older, and have a suitable vehicle and private hire insurance.

Deliveroo Driver

Deliveroo Delivery Driver jobs allow you to earn money when you want by using your personal vehicle for food deliveries. As a Deliveroo Courier, you will earn a competitive fee for each order you deliver. You can use your car, scooter, or work as a Deliveroo Bike Courier using a bicycle. Deliveroo works with 1000’s of restaurants across the UK, so new couriers are always needed.

To work as a Deliveroo driver, you will need to be over 18, have a smartphone, and have your own vehicle with the necessary safety equipment. You also need a UK bank account, no unspent criminal convictions, and additional food delivery insurance on top of standard motor insurance if using a motorised vehicle for deliveries.

Tesco Driver

As a Tesco Delivery Driver, you will collect orders from a store and deliver them to customers' homes or other specified addresses. You will transport groceries and other goods, and the job is very hands-on, so you will need to be physically fit. You will act as the face of the company and will need to conduct yourself in a professional and customer-focused manner.

DPD Driver

As a DPD Delivery Driver, you will transport goods from a collection depot to the specified delivery address. Choosing to work as a DPD self-employed driver gives you control over your working hours and earning potential. The job requires a valid full UK driver's licence, and you will need a special licence if driving larger-capacity vehicles. 

Asda Driver

If you love meeting new people and having the freedom of spending most of the day on the road, an ASDA Delivery Driver job is ideal. You will deliver shopping to customers and will need to provide excellent customer service at every interaction. The position offers many outstanding benefits, including a discount on shopping at ASDA. To work as an ASDA driver, you will need a full UK driving licence and drive a 3.5-ton automatic van.

Dominos Driver

Domino's Delivery Drivers are responsible for delivering customer food orders. You will need to be highly organised as you must deliver food hot and fresh within a specified time. Domino's drivers require a full driver's licence and a reliable vehicle. You should have a clean driving record and excellent interpersonal skills for interacting with customers.

Self Employed Driver

Self-employed delivery driver jobs give you flexibility and control over your working day. You can choose to be a Hermes self-employed courier, DPD self-employed driver, Yodel self-employed courier, or Amazon self-employed driver. As a self-employed courier, you will collect items from a pick-up point and safely transport them to the required address. 

To be a self-employed van driver, you will need a valid UK driver's licence and a reliable vehicle. If you choose to work as a self-employed delivery driver for Amazon, you must pass a driver check and have a clean criminal record.

Hermes Driver

Hermes Delivery Driver jobs are available across the UK, as this is one of the largest delivery companies in the country. Parcels are collected from a depot and transported to customers at their home addresses or other specified locations. As a Hermes self-employed courier, you will be the face of the business and will need to conduct yourself professionally.

A Hermes delivery driver job requires a reliable vehicle with the required insurance and a valid MOT. You will be paid per delivery, giving you a fee per consignment successfully delivered to each customer.

Van Driver

Van driver roles are an excellent choice if you enjoy being outdoors for the majority of the working day. As a self-employed van driver, you are in control of your day and can set your working hours to suit your schedule. You might work as an Amazon van driver, collecting items from an Amazon depot and taking them to customers. You can choose to work as a long-distance van driver, taking parcels across the country. Depending on the size of vehicle you drive, you may need a special driver's licence in addition to a full UK driver's licence.

Ocado Driver

As an Ocado Delivery Driver, you get the opportunity to meet lots of new people every day. The company has fulfillment centres across the UK, and they provide vehicle training for their drivers. You will start your day by collecting your customer deliveries or loads for transporting to other centres. Ocado offers excellent benefits to their employees that drive LGV's including wellbeing support and a pension scheme. 

Multi Drop Driver

As a multi-drop delivery driver, you will collect several items from a centralised location and transport them to various locations. If you choose to work on a self-employed basis, you will need a reliable vehicle with all the required documentation and insurance. You can also work as an employee for a supermarket, food service, or delivery company and use the supplied van for your work.

Whichever type of multi-drop driver job you choose, you will need a valid UK licence and ensure that you carry out your work safely and adhere to the laws of the road. Excellent organisational skills and good customer service will be required to succeed in this type of delivery driver job.

Sainsbury’s Driver

Sainsbury's Delivery Driver jobs are available on a full-time or part-time basis. It's an excellent career choice if you are looking for something different from being office-based. You are responsible for delivering customer orders safely and professionally and will need a full UK driving licence with at least one year of driving experience.

If you are looking for flexible hours, you can work with the company's staffing partner or work directly for Sainsbury's to take advantage of guaranteed shifts and set working hours.

Waitrose Driver

A Waitrose Delivery Driver job is an ideal choice if you are looking for a physically active role with plenty of time out on the road. As a delivery driver for Waitrose, you will be responsible for professionally interacting with customers when delivering goods to their homes. If you choose to work at one of the stores, some work on the shop floor is also required giving you a very varied job. Fulfillment Centre Driver jobs are more focused on driving but will still require providing excellent customer service.

To be a Waitrose Customer Delivery Driver, you will need to be over 18 and have a full manual UK driving licence with no more than 6 points. You will be required to pass an Online Driving Assessment, and further tests may be necessary for driving larger vehicles.

You can check the average delivery driver salary for all delivery driver jobs here.


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