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  • Posted Wednesday 01 st December 2021

Do I Need Career Coaching?

Progressing your career, reaching your full potential, and making career decisions are significant challenges that can be overcome if you are prepared to put the work in. However, you might find yourself struggling to find the motivation you need to advance your career or feel like you have hit a roadblock and don’t know which way to turn. If these scenarios sound like yours, then this is a clear signal that you would benefit from career coaching.

Here we look at what a career coach is, the signs that indicate you need one, and how they can help.

What is a career coach?

A career coach will help you discover your professional passion and determine the best route towards achieving your full potential. 

Career coaches will help you reach your career goals by:

  • Asking insightful questions
  • Providing support and advice
  • Helping you set goals and milestones
  • Providing a clear roadmap to success
  • Holding you accountable for taking the next step

Signs you need career coaching

Determining whether investing in a career coach is worthwhile for you is a straightforward process. It will help if you consider if the following circumstances resonate with you.

I am applying for jobs but have not found success

If you are applying for jobs but never get called in for an interview or go to interviews but never receive a job offer, a career coach can help. A career coach can help you address specific issues, coaching you on discovering your strongest skills and attributes and guiding you on how to bring these to the attention of hiring managers through compelling career storytelling.

I feel frustrated with my current job

If your current role frustrates you or doesn’t speak to your passions, then career coaching can be helpful. You will embark on a journey that will highlight careers you could pursue, with the career coach holding you accountable for taking the steps that will successfully move you in the right direction.

My career has stalled

If you have found yourself halfway up the career ladder but unable to reach the top, this is a clear sign you will benefit from hiring a career coach. The coach will help you uncover reasons why your hard work isn’t bearing fruit. For example, you might have your sights set on leadership but find yourself struggling to navigate the organisation’s hierarchy or office politics.

My resume isn’t promoting my professional brand

If you don’t have a strong CV, it is hard to market yourself and secure job interviews. A career coach will provide tips on presenting your professional brand across your CV, cover letters, applications, and elevator pitches. 

I lack career-advancement motivation

If self-motivation is your weakness or you feel burnt out, a career coach can help. Operating as a neutral and unbiased third-party, the coach will provide honest feedback, set small achievable steps, and hold you accountable for taking relevant action that will progress your career.

I don’t stand out from other job seekers

If you cannot differentiate yourself from other candidates, a career coach will help you uncover the skills and credentials to present yourself in a better light. In addition to identifying your strengths, you will receive guidance on building upon them to ensure you stand out and appear as the perfect candidate for the role.

I am ambitious

If you feel eager to accelerate your career and reach your career goals, a career coach can help you focus your efforts and prioritise the actions that will lead to success. It will take hard work, but with career coaching, your professional goals become attainable sooner.

Career advice and coaching

Career advice is invaluable, but it isn’t always the right time to invest in coaching. Working with a career coach involves self-reflection and self-assessment. If you don’t feel comfortable opening up to others, accepting feedback, and receiving constructive criticism, then it might not be the right time for coaching. Similarly, if you think a career coach will give you all the answers and a quick fix, you will likely be disappointed.

If you are looking to explore your career options further, begin your research by checking out our advice by career type.


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