Do This Today And Get Promoted Faster
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Wednesday 12 th September 2018

Do This Today And Get Promoted Faster

A few years ago, I was yearning for a promotion, but that didn't happen and I constantly blamed my company for the rejections.

However, after a while I realised that something must be lacking.  But what was wrong?

I started reading books, going to workshops on self-development and pursuing an advanced education that supported me to achieve a promotion. I realised that I had to get my act together, and it worked well for me!

According to my experience, I have listed down 10 ways to help you succeed and live your dream.

Make Your Boss's Job Easier

You should be enthralling, and that's for sure. Don't you think so?

We exist in a world where most people are out to work and wait for "TGIF" and their salary of course!  I love that, too.

But that isn’t enough - you have to work like you own the company, no matter what your salary might suggest! Bite the bullet and work harder! This will unquestionably help you bump up to a new level.


Power of Positive Attitude

               " Positive attitude will lead to positive outcomes."

Try to focus on the things that you enjoy about your job (except of course your meal breaks!). This will undoubtedly help you to portray a positive attitude, and your colleagues will crave your vibes!

Give someone the benefit of the doubt and consider working together with them. Teamwork and a positive attitude will help you to get a promotion faster!

Avoid Office Politics

On many occasions, your integrity and trustworthiness will be judged on your participation (or not) in the office politics and gossip. So, avoiding infamy is one of the most fruitful ways to show your professionalism. If you find people gossiping around you, it’s best to suddenly find something to do somewhere else, or at least stay out of the conversation.

In the worst possible scenario, if you are drawn into a conversation about someone else, saying something sweet about them will be the soundest answer.

Dress For Success

                "Dress like you're the CEO, even when you aren’t”

You must dress professionally to get the position you want. Try to show up to work looking neat and presentable. You can easily emulate the appearance of the more senior members of the company.  Dressing appropriately will help you to present a visual image and will motivate you to work harder!

Show Pride in Your Work

Quality > Quantity

Your work represents you, so choose wisely! Try to own your job as a reflection of your values and also take pride in doing extensive work. Only then will you be trusted with positions of responsibility.

Be A Good Team Player

Treat people fairly. Also known as "The Golden Rule". Try to help others rather than stepping on them. You are more likely to get a promotion if you try, even a little, to raise the performance of other people around you. Plus, this will help you to become a great leader without a title.  

Summarise Your Work Visually

People tend to believe you more often when you show a quick visual snapshot of the things that you are trying to articulate. When talking about the work that you are doing, try to offer the management something to look at. For instance, if you are acknowledging the question, 'Why are people buying?' you should show a detailed plan on how you will take things further and make it a hit.

Show Your Boss You're Ready for that Promotion

You need to express your desire of getting a promotion. You need to speak to your boss. Simply showcasing your skills and your willingness to work might not be enough. On certain occasions, your boss might not be aware of the fact that you are looking for a promotion.  So, make sure you reveal that you are ready to unleash your full potential!

Show Commitment

If you are committed, it is reflected in your work. Your work says it all!

The effort you put in and the relationships you develop contribute to the betterment of you. Give the management more opportunities to appreciate you. When you show commitment, your boss sees it and you will get the reward at the right time.


Be Exceptional

To uplift your career and to get the promotion you want, you must be an exception amongst your colleagues.

You need to make a significant impact on your clients. If you don't have a client-facing position, you must be the go-to person for your colleagues. After all, in an organisation, everything needs a justification; your promotion included!

Well, it’s a wrap! Enjoy small things and rely on yourself. It will undoubtedly help you to succeed and to grab your dream position.


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