Find The Best Jobs In London
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Tuesday 02 nd October 2018

Find The Best Jobs In London

A lot of things have changed in the UK regarding jobs. But it would be pretty harsh to say that the country’s job market is in freefall. There are many new vacancies created in different sectors all the time. If you have the skills, you are more than likely to get a suitable job. Since locally based employers are still on the hunt for people who can fill vacant positions, there are always a large number of jobs in the United Kingdom available. Being the capital city of the UK, London has most of these vacancies.

Let’s take a Look...

Engineers: Engineering positions are the most in-demand in London. Manufacturing Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers can make the most of this. Introduction of new trends and technologies has created large demands in some industries. For instance, the healthcare and the entertainment industries are looking to hire more engineers to support new and innovative technologies.

Nurse: This noble profession has also experienced greater numbers of vacancies in recent years. The job has drawn some criticism. Recently the UK government has cut the funding that paid nurses during their training. The UK government has said that thousands of positions in the nursing sector remain vacant, in spite of offering jobs to thousands of foreign health workers.  

Developer: This is less of a surprise. The digital revolution across the globe has had an enormous impact on London too. It has led to a new job type which is booming. If you have a strong knowledge of Java, you can think of serving this sector as a web developer.

Recruitment Consultant: These days, company owners and CEOs are very careful about the people they let into their companies. To achieve this, the companies are in need of the competitive recruitment consultant. The recruitment consultant can effectively oversee their HR department and work towards strengthening the company’s brand image for potential applicants. Therefore the recruitment consultant has a significant role to play.

Teacher: Another area of shortages, it is regarded as an area of concern as well. The UK government has received quite a lot of criticism in recent years. Schools in the more impoverished areas are finding it hard to attract trained teachers.

Administrator: This job role comes with a low average salary which makes it unattractive for the professionals. But the thing is, office administrators are always in very high demand and quite a few jobs are available in this sector. Most importantly, the skills set you need to have to perform in this sector is lower than most of the other roles on the list.

Chef: Tony Naylor of The Guardian recently commented that “The lack of talented young chefs in London could change how the country eats”.  Which is a clear indication that The UK is in need of quality professional chefs. This vacancy hole is directly affecting the dining out culture of the country.

Sales Executive: The demand for good sales executives is quite highl. If you have a knack for demonstrating and selling products, organising sales visits and approaching potential clients and customers, you will never run out of a job opportunities in London.

Designer: The digital boom couldn’t take place without the designers. Since most businesses require a presence in the online world, the demand for web designers is also quite high. If you have a handful of experience in this sector, you can expect a good salary too.

Finance Manager: If you have a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, economics or business administration, you are most in demand. Those companies who have lost their Finance Manager, or those few lucky ones who plan on expanding, are ready to reward you with a lucrative package.



You can find more details about these vacant posts in the job hunting sites. It is the perfect time to start the career you dream of. Find a job that suits you the most.


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