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  • Posted Monday 21 st September 2020

Help on how to set up Job Alerts!

Why should you set up job alerts?

When entering the criteria for your job alerts, you need to select whether you want to receive your alerts daily or weekly. The job market moves quickly, and it is a highly competitive space, so we recommend you set your alerts to daily.

Receiving and reviewing your alerts everyday may seem like a chore, but by doing it in this way, you will be one of the first to receive the job notifications which means you can be one of the first to apply, thus improving your chances of landing interviews.

Be specific!

Make sure you include the locations that you would like to work in and the salary you want. Doing this will narrow your search and you will receive job alerts that better match your preferences.

Which job boards should you set job alerts up on?

There are well known brands out there like Monster, Reed, and CV Library to name just a few examples. These well-established job boards attract companies and recruitment agencies to advertise their vacancies and they are great options for any job seeker. However, you can streamline and improve this process by setting up job alerts with job aggregators, such as Check-a-Salary. Here you can set up job alerts across multiple job boards and receive job alerts in one place. Doing this will save you time as you will need to work with fewer companies, meaning your job is less about admin and more about applying for job!

Using Job Alerts to target specific companies

If you would like to target specific companies, you can do this by setting it up on job alerts; this will allow you to be notified as soon as a company that you are targeting advertises a job. It might be that you wish to target a local company, or a specific brand that you admire, they might have a good employer reputation, they might be local to where you live or in an industry that you wish to work in.

Taking this approach saves you time when tracking different company websites and it will help you as jobs will now come to you, so it’s a must for any job seeker wanting a targeted approach.

To do this, set up a company job alert by typing in their name, in quotation marks, into the search tool.

Keep Trying!

If the job alerts you set up don’t deliver the results you were hoping for, you can adjust your criteria until they do.

Good luck with your job search!


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