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  • Posted Wednesday 28 th April 2021

High Paid Jobs

Are you just starting out in your career, and is your target to become a high earner?  Or perhaps you're considering changing your job and your ambition is to earn a six-figure salary? 

It's not an easy task, but if you're determined and have talent, with the right planning, you can achieve your goal. 

What Jobs Pay the Most? 

This seems like a good place to start - what jobs pay the most?  Not surprisingly, some of the highest paid jobs are for highly trained individuals who have been educated to a high level and have then received further qualifications in their chosen field. 

So, for example, an Aircraft Pilot or Flight Engineer can expect aaverage salary of around £92,000, and this figure will of course increase, not just with annual pay increases, but also as further and more advanced training is undertaken. 

Similarly, educated and trained to a high level, Legal Professionals can expect salaries of around £77,000.  However, there are huge gulfs within the sector, as someone working in Corporate Law would expect to earn a lot more, while a Legal Secretary, would earn less, unless they had accrued a significant amount of experience and/or specialist training. 

However, some of the other roles included in the list of 'what job pays the most' are more general, and include Chief Executives and Senior Officials (£85,239) and Financial Managers and Directors (£67,114).  Now, whilst it's true that many people in these roles will have GCSEs, A Levels, Degrees and possibly even further education, others may well have joined a company straight from school and worked their way up 'through the ranks', gaining huge and invaluable experience, and undertaking any required training as they went. 

In this case, hard work (literally putting in the hours), diligence and dedication will have been rewarded with a senior position, and a salary to match. 

How To Get a High Paid Job 

Planning your career and researching what different industries pay, which jobs are the best paid and what qualifications you will need in order to get there, is a sensible place to start.  Using a salary calculator is useful to aid this exercise as you can view average earnings for a wide variety of jobs, and it will afford you a good overview of what to expect. 

Generally speaking, in the huge majority of industries, having the right qualifications is essential - be it GCSEs or a specific degree.  However, hard work and a willingness to 'start at the bottom' will also count for a lot.   

For example, the salary for an entry level Police Officer certainly doesn't get the role a spot on the high paid jobs list.  However, there are no formal entry requirements (other than a clean criminal record) and working your way up through the ranks could see you become a Police Inspector, with an average salary of over £54,000, putting the position on the list for top salaries UK. 

However, if you have GCSEs and A Levels and perhaps a degree, your options will of course be more numerous and career options more varied. 

Learn to sell yourself  

Have you considered doing online courses? This is great way to learn new technical skills, for example, coding or accounting. However, to find a job high paid job, there are also lots of soft skills that can be equally as important when trying to drive your career forward.  

A key skill required help you secure a high paying job is to learn how to sell yourself effectively.  

Talking about ourselves, and self-promotion about our achievements doesn't come naturally to everyone, but when trying to land a high paid job, it is important that you are able to sell yourself, focusing on your skills, your personality, work assets and all-round capabilities.  

So, whether you're writing a CV, creating a strong online presence, sharpening up your interview techniques or meeting someone for the first time it is vital that you can sell yourself to employers and recruiters.  

So, before you begin your next job search, or try to get a high paid job, consider the following: 

Strengthen your transferable skills  

Transferable skills are so important and can be just as desirable as technical ones. After all, success is not just about how you do your job but also about how you communicate, interact with others, and manage your time and workload.  

If you have perfected these skills, then you are well on the path to securing a high paid job. 


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