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High Paid Jobs In Marketing

A career in marketing can be extremely rewarding with well paid salary expectations and career prospects. Marketing is also one of the most diverse fields, with marketing departments and professionals working across almost all industries. You might work in-house with direct employment from a business, for a marketing agency, or set yourself up as a self-employed freelancer or consultant, once you have gained the relevant experience.

Aside from furthering your education with an advanced degree or industry accreditation, you can earn more in marketing through specialisation in a marketing discipline. Areas of specialisation include brand management, digital marketing, public relations, media planning, affiliate marketing, advertising, and marketing sales.

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The Fifteen Highest Paying Jobs In Marketing

1. Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

A chief marketing officer has an average salary of £98,400 per year in the UK. Chief marketing officers plan, develop, implement, and oversee marketing strategies and advertising for B2B, B2C, and non-profit companies. Reporting directly to the chief executive office (CEO), they are responsible for driving revenue and sales through product marketing, pricing, communications, public relations, market research, and advertising.

A CMO requires excellent analytical, leadership, and customer advocacy skills coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit. CMOs earn most if they are located in London and are 35-50 years of age.

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2. Marketing Director

A marketing director has an average salary of £80,900 per year in the UK. Marketing directors manage their organisation’s brand, marketing, and communication strategies. They oversee the development of comprehensive marketing projects and elements such as market research, media agreements, campaign calendars, advertising, social media, lead generation, and sales.

Marketing directors earn the highest salaries if they are located in London or the South East. Positions in HR services and recruitment further demand higher salaries.

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3. Art Director

An art director has an average salary of £58,500 per year in the UK. Art directors have strong leadership skills and oversee creative activities and concepts for the organisation’s media and advertising campaigns. They supervise the production of images and graphics, ensuring they meet the project’s brief. Art directors hire talent for their organisation, such as artists, graphic designers, and other marketing staff.

Art directors earn more in London and Eastern regions. Liverpool and Birmingham are two cities where high-paid jobs can be found.

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4. Advertising / Promotions Managerhy

An advertising/promotions manager has an average salary of £49,400 per year in the UK. Advertising and promotions managers plan promotional campaigns across a broad range of media, such as TV, print, radio, billboards, and online. They are responsible for negotiating contracts, tracking budgets, research, revenues, and meeting campaign goals. 

Advertising and promotions managers command the highest salaries in the South East and London. Peak earnings are usually achieved through the 35-50 age group.

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5. Product Marketing Manager

A product marketing manager has an average salary of £54,200  per year in the UK. Product marketing managers are responsible for developing marketing plans and strategies that convey the features and benefits of products. They are skilled in using insights gained from market research and set the message, price, packaging, and timescale of product releases. High-paid jobs can be found in London, Yorkshire, and Glasgow.

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6. Category Manager

A category manager has an average salary of £54,600 per year in the UK. Category managers oversee a particular service or product category and are responsible for their development and success. A category manager understands both sales and marketing principles and has excellent commercial awareness. With project and supplier management skills and in-depth domain knowledge, category managers earn high salaries in London and Sheffield.

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7. UX Designer

A UX designer has an average salary of £53,300 per year in the UK. User experience designers are highly sought after and have responsibility for creating functional and emotive experiences for the company’s products. Skills and duties include usability testing, research and feedback analysis, developing prototypes, and understanding the goals of both company and client.

Successful UX designers who can create positive and engaging experiences can earn high salaries in London, Scotland, and Eastern regions.

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8. Program Marketing Manager

A program marketing manager has an average salary of £47,600 per year in the UK. Program marketing managers oversee the creation of projects and programs and their promotional messaging. They collaborate with advertising and sales managers to implement prices and monitor product trends and annual strategies using a diverse skill set. The highest salaries are offered in London, Cardiff, and Nottingham.

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9. Marketing Development Manager

A marketing development manager has an average salary of £49,700 per year in the UK. Marketing development managers have marketing and business development experience and help their organisation increase profit margins, sales volumes, and market share. They are responsible for developing and implementing advertising strategies with governance over development budgets, sales materials, distribution channels, media kits, expenditure, evaluations, and agreements.

High-paid marketing development manager jobs are found in London, Leicester, Reading, Birmingham, Nottingham, and Leeds.

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10. Digital Project Manager

A digital project manager has an average salary of £48,800 per year in the UK. Digital project managers require excellent online marketing skills and are responsible for aligning marketing strategies with the company's goals. They collaborate and liaise with a broad range of cross-functional teams on project concepts, planning, tracking, review, streamlining budgets, and deadlines. Digital project managers use project management software and must be skilled at using these tools. The highest pay is offered to those in the 40-50 age bracket working in the capital or South East.

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11. UI Designer

A UI designer has an average salary of £38,700 per year in the UK. UI designers have expertise in front-end development with a focus on an interface’s visual experience. They collaborate with other designers, developers, and programmers throughout the design process, making decisions that influence touchpoints, prototyping, testing, and transformation. London and the South East rank highest on the pay scale.

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12. Brand Manager

A brand manager has an average salary of £43,700 per year in the UK. Brand managers play a crucial role and adapt marketing strategies for alignment with the brand’s image. They are responsible for building awareness across all platforms, touchpoints, and communication streams. They liaise with many teams such as sales, product developers, and marketing. Brand managers carry out analyses and give feedback to senior management.

Outside of London, brand managers working in the South East and West Midlands have the highest salaries.

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13. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager has an average salary of £42,100 per year in the UK. Marketing managers drive advertising activities that promote the brand across social media platforms and other advertising mediums. Their duties include identifying new potential customers, creating marketing campaigns, and ensuring consistency across all marketing activities. Attractive salaries are found in London, Edinburgh, Eastern regions, and the West Midlands. 

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14. Account Marketing Manager

An account marketing manager has an average salary of £40,100 per year in the UK. Account marketing managers develop segment marketing plans, orchestrate the sales program, and provide marketing support. They collaborate on core campaign concepts and create growth strategies for top-tier accounts. Their duties may include delivering pitches, conducting client research, and external supplier liaison, with creative copywriting and digital design input.

The 30-50 age group receives the most significant salaries, with the highest pay offered to those working in the media, technology, recruitment, and HR services sectors.

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15. CRM Manager

A CRM manager has an average salary of £41,600 per year in the UK. CRM managers drive retention and acquisition programs and build profitable relationships with top-tier clients. They work with operations, customer services, and marketing teams to ensure customer satisfaction. Growth campaigns, data analysis, building trust, and maintaining a positive brand image fall under their umbrella.

Working in the South East, South West, or London will deliver the highest salary, with the HR services sector offering desirable rates.

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