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High Paid Jobs In Sales

Sales offer an exciting and rewarding career with opportunities across almost every industry and business sector. Sales roles broadly fit into business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B), with high-paid jobs focusing on sales to key accounts or managing sales teams with local, national, or international scope.

Significant income potential exists for those who possess gifted leadership and sales skills. High-paying business sectors include science, HR services, recruitment, legal, manufacturing, and professional services, offering specialisation and excellent rewards and benefits for those who do. London leads the way on pay, followed by Reading, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. Sales roles can have above average salaries in the UK.

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The Fifteen Highest Paying Jobs In Sales

Sales Director

A sales director has an average salary of £77,900 per year in the UK. Sales directors oversee and manage the sales activities in an organisation. They are responsible for devising strategic plans to ensure the company achieves its sales target, maintains long-lasting client relationships, and expands its customer base. They motivate their sales team, create sales reports, assess costs and competitors, establish training programs, and consult with sales and marketing managers.

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Business Development Director

A business development director has an average salary of £73,500 per year in the UK. Business development directors are responsible for developing long-term customer strategies to ensure sustainable business growth. They plan and oversee new marketing initiatives and strategies for increasing customer acquisition and value. They build rapport with potential clients, find new markets for sales, and develop client proposals.

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Regional Manager

A regional manager has an average salary of £58,700 per year in the UK. Regional managers oversee a business’s activities within a geographical area, leading management staff as they strive to meet the company’s goals. They set performance objectives, ensure company standards, train store managers, prepare financial and performance reports, manage budgets, and deal with escalated customer and staff issues.

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Commercial Operations Manager

A commercial operations manager has an average salary of £57,900 per year in the UK. Commercial operations managers drive a wide range of business development strategies across sales and operations. They implement, monitor, and manage commercial projects and make recommendations for change to meet the long-term interests of the business. They seek out growth opportunities, analyse sales performance, resolve contract issues, coach workers on best practices, and assess business risks.

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Pre Sales Engineer

A pre sales engineer has an average salary of £57,900 per year in the UK. Pre sales engineers collaborate with account teams or act as sales support with technical expertise. They act as a liaison between the company’s engineering groups and business development teams and create proposals for customers with proposed solutions and technical details. Once contracts are awarded, they coordinate the project from initial specification through to implementation engineering.

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Supplier Relationship Manager

A supplier relationship manager has an average salary of £54,200 per year in the UK. Supplier relationship managers develop relationships with suppliers to improve the post-award value and the end-to-end process. They act as liaisons between the company’s suppliers and monitor and analyse supplier performance to meet company goals and reduce risk.

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Commercial Sales Manager

A commercial sales manager has an average salary of £53,000 per year in the UK. Commercial sales managers are responsible for increasing the sales of the overall organisation. They set goals and targets and work with their sales team to achieve sales targets. They will identify potential new markets, research leads, and manage a group of people.

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Product Owner

A product owner has an average salary of £49,300 per year in the UK. Product owners are responsible for setting and evaluating the work of a software team. They set the priorities for the team to ensure that the functionality and features of the finished product fit into the project brief.

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Commercial Manager

A commercial manager has an average salary of £51,200 per year in the UK. Commercial managers are responsible for overseeing the business development of the whole organisation. They work on developing marketing strategies, acquiring new clients, and driving company growth. Commercial managers will work with many people and manage various teams to achieve company goals.

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Sales and Lettings Negotiator

A sales and lettings negotiator has an average salary of £50,000 per year in the UK. Sales and lettings negotiators work with tenants and landlords to match people to letting properties. They are responsible for checking references, carrying out credit checks, and ensuring the tenants' and landlords' needs are met. Sales and lettings negotiators will work in a property rental office and will also travel to various properties.

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Sales Category Manager

A sales category manager has an average salary of £46,300 per year in the UK. Sales category managers are responsible for increasing sales and profits to drive sustainable growth. They analyse data and identify potential new market sources. Sales category managers identify consumer and industry trends and develop strategies to maximise the sales of the business.

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Channel Manager

A channel manager has an average salary of £48,100 per year in the UK. Channel managers are responsible for growing relationships with channel partners, developing business opportunities, setting strategies, and implementing them. They collaborate with regional sales teams, conduct partner negotiations, create monthly reports, identify product problems, create financial statements, and represent their company at conferences and trade shows.

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Area Manager

An area manager has an average salary of £45,400 per year in the UK. Area managers oversee operations in a geographical area and are responsible for increasing business revenue and performance. They ensure clients are serviced efficiently and support sales managers, setting targets, providing staff training, and ensuring company standards and customer service. Area managers need to leverage skills such as working under pressure, confidence, organisation, and commercial acumen.

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National Account Manager

A national account manager has an average salary of £45,200 per year in the UK. National account managers develop, improve, and maintain client relationships across a significant territory. They are responsible for discovering client needs and addressing specific needs. National account managers also support and supervise regional managers, helping them increase sales, maintain customer satisfaction, and achieve brand consistency.

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Product Manager

A product manager has an average salary of £43,100 per year in the UK. Product managers are responsible for building value propositions through product planning and marketing. They prioritise customer and product requirements, determining their vision and pricing. Often reporting to the chief revenue officer, product managers focus on strategy and growth, working with product engineers, public relations teams, and executives.

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