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  • Posted Thursday 14 th October 2021

Highest Paying Jobs In Customer Services

Customer services salaries vary significantly across positions, reflecting the responsibilities of each role, the expertise required to carry them out, and whether the duties are office or home-based. If you are searching for high paying jobs in the UK, a career in customer services provides opportunities in managerial, research, and resolution-focused positions.

Here we look at the average salaries for roles in customer services in the UK and highlight the benefits and responsibilities that each position provides.

Survey Researcher

Survey Researchers earn an average annual salary of £45,300 per year. They are responsible for conducting research on survey topics and planning and designing surveys to gather the required information.

To be a Survey Researcher, you will usually need a degree in the subject or industry you are interested in or work towards the role. There is a high demand for these types of positions, and the fact that the work is varied and exciting makes it an attractive career choice.

Operations Project Manager

Operations Project Managers earn an average annual salary of £48,300 per year. They are responsible for overseeing the project team and ensuring the operations meet the needs of the business and the clients.

As the Operations Project Manager, you will work with people of all levels and be involved in different projects and multiple tasks. It's the ideal role if you love the challenge of working in a busy environment and have excellent problem-solving and leadership skills.

Contact Centre Manager

Contact Centre Managers earn an average annual salary of £33,400 per year. As a Contact Centre Manager, your responsibilities vary, including sourcing equipment, running call centre operations, and conducting performance reviews for team members. The role primarily involves managing people and hiring and training new staff, creating sales incentives, and mentoring individuals to achieve targets.

To be a Contact Centre Manager, business management or leadership experience is essential. It's a great role if you love working with and leading a team, and thrive in a busy environment.


Telehandlers earn an average annual salary of £33,500 per year. They are responsible for answering incoming calls and dealing with inquiries. Tasks can include selling products, resolving complaints, and providing assistance to customers.

To get this job, previous experience in a telesales or customer service role would be advantageous. The benefits of working as a Telehandler include a varied workday and standard working hours. It's the perfect role if you love speaking to clients and enjoy answering calls.

Call Centre Manager

Call Centre Managers earn an average annual salary of £31,300 per year. They are responsible for managing operations within the call centre of a business. The role includes managing employees, recruiting new staff, and ensuring the team delivers sales and other KPIs that match the business goals.

The primary work environment will be in the call centre or office and can include evening or weekend work. The benefits of this position are excellent progression opportunities and the chance to develop your leadership skills.

Telephone Operator

Telephone Operators earn an average annual salary of £30,600 per year. As a Telephone Operator, you will answer calls and connect people to various departments within an organisation. Telephone Operators work on a switchboard answering incoming calls to the business.

To get a Telephone Operator job, you can complete a college course in customer service or contact centre operations or start in a junior position and train towards the role. The job is attractive as it mainly involves working during standard office hours; however, some roles require evening and weekend work.

Call Centre Team Leader

Call Centre Team Leaders earn an average annual salary of £26,800 per year. The role involves leading and supporting the call centre team to ensure company targets are achieved. Managing staff, training new hires, and delegating tasks are all part of the daily operations in this role. The job is ideal if you have leadership experience and a passion for delivering outstanding service and achieving targets.

Resource Coordinator

Resource Coordinators earn an average annual salary of £24,700 per year. They are responsible for ensuring everything needed for projects and the organisation's programs are available.

The role involves recruiting, identifying staff and budget needs, and monitoring company policies and industry legislation compliance. The position is highly diversified and consists of working with different people on various projects, making this an attractive job option.

Customer Service Financial Advisor

Customer Service Financial Advisors earn an average annual salary of £23,900 per year. They work for banks, credit companies, and other financial services in contact centres. A Customer Service Financial Advisor will help clients with account inquiries, deal with complaints, and contact customers about account transactions or problems. 

To work in this type of customer service role, knowledge of financial services or experience within the financial services industry is essential. The benefits of this role include excellent career progression and specialist training opportunities.

Telephone Interviewer

Telephone Interviewers earn an average annual salary of £23,000 per year. As a Telephone Interviewer, you will be responsible for conducting interviews with participants over the phone. The role typically involves working in an office or from your own home. 

Working as a Telephone Interviewer is an excellent choice if you love speaking to new people and enjoy the challenge of encouraging people to participate. The benefits of this type of job are that you have flexibility and can choose hours that suit your schedule.

Collections Agent

Collections Agents earn an average annual salary of £23,300 per year. They are responsible for contacting debtors, arranging payments, and creating payment plans for overdue loans or accounts. 

The job requires some travel to locate customers, using systems to conduct credit checks, and contacting people over the phone. To work as a Collections Agent, you will need a driver's licence for fieldwork and excellent negotiation and communication skills.

If you are inspired to begin a career in customer services, you can check out all customer services salaries here.


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