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  • Posted Tuesday 19 th October 2021

Highest Paying Jobs In Finance

Finance salaries vary significantly from junior through to senior roles and across the market segments of focus. If you are looking for high paying jobs in the UK, a banking or business finance career will deliver the opportunities you seek. If you aspire to manage risk, be the head of a finance department or company, or conduct economic analysis, then you will want to know what heights your remuneration can reach.

Here we look at the average salaries for finance professionals in the UK. We reveal the duties and responsibilities of each position, the benefits, and candidate criteria.

Head of Finance

Heads of Finance earn an average annual salary of £84,000 per year. A Head of Finance oversees all of an organisations financial activities. The core responsibilities of this position include conducting risk management, evaluating investments, financial forecasting, resource management, and introducing cost reduction strategies.

To secure a high-paying Head of Finance job, you will need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in finance, accounting, or business administration. Certifications from professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment or similar will help your career progress to larger organisations if you have such aspirations.

Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative Analysts earn an average annual salary of £84,500 per year. A Quantitative Analyst works with large data sets to develop statistical models that assist with risk management. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will help you start a high-earning career. Many recruiters are looking for individuals with experience using SQL databases and Python and R code writing for data science purposes.

Finance Director

Finance Directors earn an average annual salary of £74,400 per year. Working as a Finance Director, you will be responsible for driving the company’s financial operations and performance. The duties are far-reaching and incorporate ensuring legal compliance, conducting feasibility research, financial planning, training accounting personnel, and preparing comprehensive budgets.

An advanced degree in finance or accounting combined with significant real-world work experience will help you maximise your salary and benefits. Analytical thinkers and those with a natural maths aptitude will enjoy working as a Finance Director.

Risk Manager

Risk Managers earn an average annual salary of £67,700 per year. A Risk Manager has a unique set of skills that are invaluable for many businesses. You will be responsible for conducting analysis and research, developing contingency plans, providing advice on risk levels, and managing internal policies and protocols.

Several years of experience working in risk management will set you up for the Risk Manager position. Appropriate degrees that will help you achieve your career aspirations include economics, finance, and business administration.

Financial Clerk

Financial Clerks earn an average annual salary of £66,400 per year. A Financial Clerk carries out many financial and administrative duties on a daily basis, and this variety is something many professionals appreciate. Daily tasks include maintaining records of financial transactions, dealing with payroll, producing economic forecasts and budget reports, managing invoices, and resolving payment queries.

Companies have different entry requirements ranging from college qualifications in bookkeeping, finance, or accounting to degrees in finance or business studies. Working as a Financial Clerk can lead to promotions into higher-paying positions, such as finance manager or senior finance office.

Risk Management

Risk Management Officers earn an average annual salary of £63,100 per year. Risk Management Officers work as part of a risk management team and develop and implement risk policies and procedures within an organisation. They are responsible for analysing various financial data and economic trends to create risk estimates for extending credit to individuals, third parties, and business partners.

To successfully launch a Risk Management career and earn a high salary, you need a Bachelor’s degree in statistics, mathematics, economics, or analytics. If you have an analytical mindset and outstanding communication and computer skills, then a fulfilling career awaits.

Commercial Finance Manager

Commercial Finance Managers earn an average annual salary of £61,500 per year. A Commercial Finance Manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring the commercial robustness of an organisation. Your duties will include advising operational managers on making sound decisions, negotiating contracts, making forecasts, and setting budgets.

If you have a wealth of commercial and financial knowledge and experience, then this is a role in which you can thrive. Most candidates have an advanced degree or are a qualified CIMA or ACCA accountant.

Financial Consultant

Financial Consultants earn an average annual salary of £56,000 per year. In a Financial Consultant role, you will advise individuals and professionals with the goal of helping them achieve financial stability or investment growth. You may advise on retirement planning, taxes and give investment projections.

A Diploma for Financial Advisers (DipFA or DipPFS) is the minimum qualification accepted by the Financial Conduct Authority to work as a Financial Consultant. You can complete the 200 hours of training independently or through an existing or prospective employer.

Finance Manager

Finance Managers earn an average annual salary of £52,700 per year. Your responsibilities as a Finance Manager include preparing business activity reports, forecasts, and financial statements. You will assist managers in making financial decisions, highlight business opportunities, and ensure all legal obligations are met.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, you have the qualifications to apply for the Finance Manager role. However, most recruiters will also be looking for individuals with experience and can demonstrate their business understanding.


Economists earn an average annual salary of £54,700 per year. As an Economist, you will work for the government, an organisation, or a business, steering economic decisions, presenting economic models, and researching historical data. Your position might include researching politics, energy, education, or healthcare, adding variety or specialisation to the role.

To work as an Economist, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics, finance, accounting, statistics, or business studies. Apprenticeships and Government programs can also help you start your career. If you have a talent for conveying complex information and data to non-technical audiences, you should excel as an Economist.

If you are inspired to begin a career in finance, you can check out all finance salaries here.


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