How to: Deal with bullying in the workplace
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Wednesday 12 th September 2018

How to: Deal with bullying in the workplace

Feeling victimised in your workplace? Or do colleagues dominate you each day? Well, everyone has a right to work in a happier environment. And it's time to give a big shout out to all those people who bully you! Here are my thoughts and tips to help you regarding "How to deal with bullying at work?" Hopefully, these tips will help you to gather some courage and deal with the situation peacefully.  

If you are being bullied, it's time for you to take action and make your workplace safe and free from fear. Well, the best revenge is to live on and sustain yourself.

Here are 4 pointers that will help you out to end this. 

Monitor Bullying Behaviour

I know, at the end of the day, it's hard to memorise the occasions when you were threatened. But if you want to report bullying, then those details are very important. Try to maintain a record of everything, i.e. the place, the time, any witnesses, etc as it is hugely helpful.

Talk To You Friends Or The People You Trust

Sometimes discussing your issue with your friends or with a reliable person can cure your mental state. Talk to them about the bully and ask for advice to find a way out of the situation. So, consulting with your loved ones is always a much better option than dealing with the issue on your own.

Control Your Reactions

Train yourself when someone is bullying you. Don’t be outraged or wrecked by someone who doesn't matter. Give them a rational reply. If you can master your feelings then attacking you will no longer be anywhere near as enjoyable for the person. So, stay strong and resolute in front of them. 

Ask For Formal Help

There must be a company policy to confront bullying. So, question your seniors or colleagues about the procedures and collect information. If normal talking doesn’t stop a bully, then you must seek formal help. Break the silence and tell someone about the tyrant.

The EndNote

Bullies can be conquered so don’t keep it to yourself; talk to friends, family, colleagues and, where necessary, your company.  You can help yourself grow and shine. Don't let the haters win, stand for yourself!


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