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  • Posted Monday 29 th November 2021

How To Find A Job At A Marketing Agency?

Securing a job in any field today may be quite challenging. This is because there are fewer opportunities and many qualified candidates compared to a few decades back. For this reason, most people who are looking for work in a particular industry will do their best to beat their competitors and get the job they desire. For instance, they’ll take a degree, master’s, or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) class, learn a new skill, or even volunteer in a company they wish to work in.

Working in a marketing agency can be exciting. However, it may be quite challenging to secure a job in this field today. The competition is pretty high, and employers get thousands of applications whenever a spot is open in their companies. So, how can you get hired at a marketing agency?

How To Get Hired In A Marketing Firm

Even though it might be challenging to get a job in a marketing firm, some strategies could help you beat the competition. For instance, it’s best to apply to companies in or near your home when they have vacancies. This is because most firms believe that local talent can help them break the cultural barriers preventing them from sufficiently engaging with prospects.

Some believe that these candidates understand better what the local people want. They could help meet the needs and secure more opportunities within that location. For instance, if you live in Milton Keynes, be on the lookout for job vacancies in one of the creative agency in Milton Keynes or other neighbouring towns. You may have a higher advantage over other applicants.

That said, it’s still possible to get a job in a distant company. Most employers look for candidates with the right skills, personal attributes, and experience for the available position. This often applies to both local applicants and those that aren’t. If several candidates qualify, they’ll choose their new hire based on what the person can offer to the company.

If you’d love to work in a marketing agency, this article offers strategies to help you secure the job. These are:

  1. Build Your CV

A CV introduces you to your potential employer. It summarises your education, experience, and skills. This helps the interviewer determine if you’re an ideal candidate for the available post. Therefore, you need to build an excellent resume if you’d want to secure a job in a marketing agency. This could help you stand out in an interview.

To do this, start by getting a diploma or degree in business or marketing. Depending on the section you’d want to work in—it can be writing, art, communications, sales, sociology, photography, or research—you can take a major related to the post you’d want. Afterward, you could upgrade to a master’s or Ph.D. to secure a higher position once you’re hired. This way, you could earn better pay to help you achieve your financial goals. 

Getting certifications may also help you build a good resume. Taking short courses related to marketing or internships can be quite helpful. These show that you’ve had real experience and have gained work skills in your line of work to your potential employer.

  1. Network

In today’s world, it matters whom you know. Through networking, you can enjoy several benefits as a job seeker. A major one is that it offers you a chance to interact and build relationships with experts in the marketing field. They could notify you of job opportunities in their companies or advise you on developing your career. Therefore, you have to look for opportunities to interact with such professionals.

You can find marketing firms hosting professional workshops, events, or seminars. It’s advisable to attend these because you’ll meet people working in this industry. You can introduce yourself to the professionals, tell them about yourself, your interests, and ensure you share your contact details with them, too. This could be your chance to meet and connect with your next boss.

  1. Be Proactive

Being proactive can also help you secure a job in a marketing firm. Consider researching the agencies you’d like to work with. Identify what they do and who their customers are through their websites. This will help you establish your skills and experience and help you secure a job in the agencies.

After identifying the firm, you can send them your curriculum vitae (CV). This helps even if the companies haven’t announced any vacancies yet. When opportunities arise, some enterprises first check the CVs they already have to identify if there’s anyone who qualifies for the available position. If there’s none, they proceed to advertise the vacant post in newspapers or on their websites.

If you get an interview, research is necessary. Take time to learn about what the company does, its values, clients, and work processes. These are some things you may be questioned in your interview, and it could please your potential employer if you know these. As a result, you could secure the job of your dreams, get a good salary, and have the opportunity to build a successful career in marketing. 



Getting a job in a marketing agency can be challenging today. Presently, there are fewer opportunities and the competition is pretty high. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get hired by such companies.

In this article, you’ve learned some of the strategies that could help you get hired such as building a resume, network, and being proactive if you want to work in a marketing agency.



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