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How To Find Sales Jobs

Sales jobs are available across all industries in some form or another. Careers include business-to-customer (B2C), such as retail sales, and business-to-business (B2B), such as sales reps and account managers.

To find a job in sales, you can learn the product or service on the job. However, some roles will require industry knowledge and expertise, such as medical or pharmaceutical sales. If you are a skilled communicator, over the phone or face-to-face, you have a career path.

Qualifications You Need For Working In Sales

Sales jobs do not necessarily require any qualifications, but a good level of English and maths is essential. However, you can increase your odds of selection by earning diplomas or a degree.

Qualifications recruiters often ask for include:

  • Two GCSEs
  • Two or three A Levels
  • Level 3 Diploma in Retail Skills Management
  • Sales Management Degree

Soft Skills To Highlight On Your CV

Acquiring an interview for a sales job requires showing off your soft skills, in addition to your qualifications and previous work experience. 

Sales professionals live and die by communication and the relationships they can build, either in a few minutes in retail or over weeks, months, and years in account executive and management positions. You will also need to highlight that you have a target-driven nature and can think on your feet to solve problems and resolve complaints.

An excellent approach to CV writing is to start with a CV template. You can ensure your CV includes all the necessaries and edit specific elements to finely tune it towards the job you are applying for and the skills the employer is asking for.

Popular Jobs In Sales

The most popular jobs in sales include:

Estate Agent

You could start your career as a junior apprentice Estate Agent or enter the profession with qualifications. Recruiters will look for individuals with a degree or diploma in business studies, surveying, estate management, civil engineering, or property development. You can increase your odds of securing an Estate Agent job with qualifications from a professional body, such as NAEA Propertymark.

You will enjoy working as an Estate Agent if you are a skilled negotiator and have an eye for detail and legal compliance. Your duties will include creating property listings, attending viewings, and communicating with clients and industry professionals.

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Account Manager

To find a job as an Account Manager, you might need a Bachelor’s degree in communications, sales, or a related field. You should have previous experience managing clients or accounts, have relevant industry knowledge, and a knack for building rapport.

To succeed as an Account Manager, you should be an outstanding collaborator, data analyser and have a natural ability at explaining product value. Your responsibilities will include building long-lasting relationships, resolving complaints, keeping accurate records, and identifying industry trends.

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Product Manager

To become a Product Manager, you will need a degree in product design, engineering, or computer science. Previous product management and product development lifecycle experience will help you secure a Product Manager job interview.

Your duties as a Product Manager could include creating marketing strategies, conducting research, and collaborating with clients, influencers, and team members. You will ultimately be responsible for successfully delivering new products to market.

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Travel Agent

You can start a career as a Travel Agent by securing a junior trainee position or with a degree in tourism or travel. Your career path might entirely exist in a retail setting or develop into account management for high-spending individuals. Either way, you will need to build your domestic and international travel knowledge, sales skills, and computer reservation proficiency.

A fulfilling career awaits professionals who enjoy promoting tourism packages, building client relationships, and resolving complaints. Your duties will include providing travel information, determining traveller requirements, and reserving tours.

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Leaflet Distributor

You will not need any specific qualifications to find a job as a Leaflet Distributor. However, good English communication skills are vital, along with physical fitness for standing and walking for long periods.

If you have a fun and outgoing personality, then you will enjoy working as a Leaflet Distributor. You will also need to be able to grasp the features and benefits of a product in an instance, be ready to answer questions, and be willing to work in the evenings or at weekends.

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Area Manager

Formal training in management, sales, or finance will put you in an excellent position to get an interview for an Area Manager position. You will need previous management experience and proficiency with employee tracking and financial software. A valid driving licence is essential, and you should be ready to demonstrate an instance where you were a voice of reason.

As an Area Manager, your duties will include developing business plans, setting sales targets, and ensuring performance standards across your portfolio of stores. You will be responsible for identifying the training needs of managers and communicating with other Area Managers and senior executives.

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Assistant Manager

Securing a job as an Assistant Manager can involve starting in a sales role, gaining experience and knowledge, and getting an internal promotion. If you have a degree in sales, marketing, or communications and possess strong management skills, you can apply for Assistant Manager jobs straight away.

Recruiters will be looking for various attributes, including communication, leadership, customer service, and problem-solving skills. Your duties will include assisting the sales manager, overseeing sales staff, and running the store when the manager is absent.

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Sales Manager

A degree in business or a related field will help your application for a Sales Manager job. It would be advantageous to highlight your skills and experience in leading a sales team, implementing sales strategies, customer relationship management, and commitment to providing excellent customer service.

If you dream of running a sales team and have the drive to meet planned goals, then a Sales Manager career will be a good fit. Your duties will include coordinating with the marketing department, setting individual sales targets, and arranging ongoing training for your team.

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Business Development

Employers will be looking for an individual with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Development, but equivalent experience and proven success can be just as attractive. You will stand the best chance of securing a job by highlighting your aptitude for research and analysis, business strategy, organisation, and sales development.

A successful career in Business Development is likely if you have the drive to secure business growth and profitability. You will be responsible for customer acquisition, increasing customer spend, and working closely with sales teams and senior managers.

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