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  • Posted Monday 25 th July 2022

How You Can Improve Your Employability Chances

Looking for a new job or progressing in your career can sometimes seem difficult. Fortunately, there are a variety of things that you can do to help boost your employability chances. This article will go over that, so let’s get stuck in.

Build Up Your CV

If you wish to improve your employability chances, then you should ensure that your CV is updated and is to a good standard. You can build up your CV in a few different ways. You will know the obvious tips, such as putting your experience and qualifications at the top and your hobbies and interests. It’s also worth putting something in that explains your personality, and gives a bit more insight into you.

If you have any achievements, or have important connections via networking, this could also be worth noting in your CV. List down your achievements and awards, and include any non-academic ones too, as this will showcase a variety of your skills.

Learn Some Modern Skills

Learning some modern skills is a great way to improve your employability. This will particularly be useful for job seekers who have perhaps been doing the same type of job for a number of years and aren’t aware of how certain industries have modernised and changed, largely due to technological changes.

Even away from technology, you may have found that the way businesses operate, and work has changed over time too. Therefore, the modern employee should be looking to adapt to modern skills. These modern skills may mainly refer to IT skills and social media application, but it’s important to look at specific applicable skills you could learn.

You could even look at university courses that specialise in certain skills, or teach you modern business skills in general. In the UK, there are plenty of different universities. Studying in Scotland could be a great idea, as it is a modern-thinking country that also boasts beautiful natural landscapes. You can find your course at the University of Stirling, which offers a range of business-related courses, as well as a service and consultancy for businesses. This includes helping businesses recruit their students/graduates.

Learning modern skills from a modern university could help bolster your employability chances and show a potential employer that you’ve put the work in. There will also be short online training courses that you could sign up for, that may only last a few weeks. The effects could be the same, showing your employer how dedicated you are to the industry and specific role.

Speak To A Career Coach

It never hurts to speak to a career coach. A career coach could help you figure out what you want to do with your life, and go over what skills you need to make it happen. A career coach could help you land your dream job. It helps many workers across the UK get unstuck from their current mindset and can revolutionise their careers.

A career coach could help you to find your way to your next role, or they could work with you to improve your interviewing skills. In some cases, there may be more specified career coaches that have useful connections that you can make use of.

Either way, it will be worth exploring the possibility and learning more about what it could do for you in the short-term or long-term. Consider speaking to friends and family who have made use of a career coach, as they may be able to tell you how they benefited on a personal scale, and what they found restrictive.

Practice interviews, such as the ones conducted by a career coach, can help you feel less nervous for when it comes to the real thing. You may learn about what sort of questions you should be asking yourself in an interview, and you may learn how you can nail it.

Ask For Feedback

Whether it’s from an interview or a previous job position, you should ask for as much feedback as possible. When you receive feedback from instances in your career, you will be able to find out exactly what you need to do to move up within your career.

Ask previous employers about your performance and what they would want you to do when you were there to move on up. You may find that you need to change your work habits or need specific skills.

With interview feedback, you will be able to find out what prevented you getting the job. It may be a case of you not having enough experience for the job, or it could be how you came across and answered questions. When you have received feedback for an interview, you will be able to make strides in improving your employability chances, so it’s important to act upon the feedback.


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