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  • Posted Friday 30 th October 2020

Influencer Earnings: Are brands getting value for money?

Influencer marketing is now a huge industry. Responsible for the skyrocketing fame of many of today’s household names, the influencer phenomenon is nothing short of incredible. And that’s before we even factor in the astounding earnings of some of the world’s top social superstars.

While the role of an influencer is hugely varied, and many influencers don’t command the top price tags, a select handful do, and their earnings are seriously staggering. So staggering, in fact, that we had to do a little more research to put these huge sums into context.

Our team dived into the world of the influencer to learn all about the price tags of posts from the best of the best, then we got to work finding out how these earnings compare to the average salaries of professionals across the country. Here’s what we found.


Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms for influencer marketing campaigns, and it’s also one of the most profitable. Brands are tapping into the enormous potential of Instagram in their droves, and this is a trend that’s showing no sign of slowing down.

One of the biggest accounts on Instagram belongs to world-renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo is the most followed personality on the platform, having hit a whopping 200 million followers earlier this year. He’s also one of the most expensive when it comes to sponsored content; he’s said to earn up to £617,120.22 per Instagram post!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Charli D'Amelio Instagram

The average UK salary currently stands at £30,060.84, which means that the average member of the public would need to work for 7,493 days to earn what Ronaldo does with just a single post. That’s 20 and a half years of hard work!


The rise of TikTok is a real success story. The platform is now behind many of the country’s top viral campaigns, and its user numbers just keep growing. TikTok is home to a whole host of inspiring influencers, with users quick to engage with sponsored content on the video-sharing network. For brands, there is no shortage of opportunities available via TikTok. And influencers are at the very heart of this.

One of the best-known influencers on TikTok is American dancer Charli D'Amelio. The 16 year old star has 95.3 million followers on the platform, and always gets great engagement whenever she posts. D'Amelio now earns up to £72,261 per TikTok, which puts her up there with the most successful TikTok influencers on the planet.

The average UK worker would need to toil away for 877 days, or 2.4 years, to earn what D'Amelio does with her sponsored TikTok clips. And she’s not the only one earning huge amounts of money on TikTok. Addison Rae is said to earn up to £50,430.29 per post, and Zach King is a close runner up with prices of up to £39,397.89 per video.

Twitch Stream

Live streaming platform Twitch is home to seven million different channels. In September 2020, the platform saw 1,585,584,000 hours of live streamed content watched by its users, and the stats just keep rising as more and more users start to engage with its highly compelling content.

Twitch is another highly profitable platform for influencers. Many of its biggest names are earning vast sums with every update. Top earners on Twitch include American YouTuber Ninja, otherwise known as Richard Tyler Blevins. The famed Internet personality and professional gamer now earns up to £101,821.29 per media value or video shared on his Twitch channel. For the average person in the UK, it would take 1236.32 days, or 3.54 years, to earn the same amount.

Ninja Twitch information

Other top performing accounts on Twitch include the likes of VanossGaming, run by Evan Fong. The gamer’s account regularly shares sponsored content, and is said to command prices of up to £4,547.01 per post. That’s equivalent to almost two months’ work for the average person in the UK.


The rise of the YouTuber has changed how we think about social media, turning completely unknown personalities into global superstars. And YouTube of course remains a hugely profitable platform for those working in influencer marketing.

Campaigns run in partnership with YouTube stars can rapidly increase brand awareness, helping companies to get their products seen by demographics that are traditionally hard to reach via other tried and tested advertising strategies.

Jake Paul first rose to fame via the video-sharing platform Vine, but he quickly switched to YouTube and now has a huge following on the network. That’s why he earns up to £12,882.19 per YouTube video shared on his channel. The average UK professional would need to work for 156.42 days to earn what Jake Paul can with a short YouTube video. That’s nearly half a year.

Jake Paul Youtube information

Jake Paul isn’t the only star on YouTube earning serious money. Swedish star Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who posts online under the name PewDiePie, can earn up to £10,880.50 per video. And English YouTuber Olajide Olayinka Williams "JJ" Olatunji, aka KSI, earns £7,729.23 with every post - that’s almost five months’ work for the average person!

Influencers are well known for their unique ability to engage with enormous numbers of followers. Having worked hard to produce their carefully curated channels, these professional social personalities have vast amounts of power at their fingertips, and it’s that power that brands are tapping into.

Brands stand to benefit enormously from well matched influencer partnerships. Not only do these pairings help companies to strengthen their reputations and build trust, they’re also perfect when it comes to building brand awareness within the demographics that are hardest to reach via traditional advertising.

Influencers now work with brands across all industries, sharing the content that matters to their followers. And they’re earning great money doing so. But don’t forget, the prices that these influencers command for every post is always a worthwhile investment for the brands that hire them. For these companies, the value of each and every one of their sponsored posts is truly phenomenal.


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