Is This The Right Time To Change Your Job?
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Monday 17 th September 2018

Is This The Right Time To Change Your Job?

Making up your mind to switch your job is a critical decision. However, this decision has to be made over a period of time and not in the heat of the moment. Resigning over an angry moment or in a fit of pique is clearly not the best thing to do.

It is easy to miss out on the signs that your current job no longer suits you. This is especially true when the existing situation meets your essential needs and you may be tempted to assume that you can stay in the same workplace for a while yet.

There could also be times when we tell ourselves that “at least I have a job”, even if it is not the best job of all time. There is no denying the fact that we may be doing well when compared to others if we have a decent job that helps us earn a reasonable salary and one that allows us to use our skills and brain a little bit. But is that sufficient? 

Are You Finding New Success Stories?

One of the biggest mistakes that most employees unwittingly make is to stop collecting new success stories to tell. Remember, employees, get salary increases and promotions based on their accomplishments and triumphs. However, you may be losing out on collecting new success stories to tell if you are performing the same monotonous job with the same set of responsibilities that leave you with no room to improve your skills or learn something new.

These are the times when you must seek a bigger platform. However, only you can build this platform by seeking out new learning opportunities and challenges whenever the existing sources of learning opportunities and challenges get stale.

Are You Becoming Obsolete?

Remember, the real world (cut-throat, competitive and ever-evolving) outside the walls of your office is always changing. You may be locking yourself in a cave or are probably living in a bubble if you are doing the same stuff day in and day out for countless years. You need to stay in line with the prevailing market trends and real-world changes otherwise you will become obsolete in no time.

Here are some signs that it is time to change jobs - maybe not today, but inevitably before you again fall back into your comfort zone and let one more precious year of your work life pass you by.

  1. You are working on an important and significant project and it is incredibly stressful. It is leaving you with no time to be happy and to be you. You are unable to spend quality time with your family and friends. You are losing sleep, you have stopped working out, stopped reading your favourite books: your passion has become an outdated thing! Keep in mind that your boss would not think twice about firing you if necessary but all these other things are what makes you, YOU!

  1. Do you adopt a different personality when you walk into the workplace every day? Does this changed personality stay with you when you are with the people you like or love? The answer would probably be a big no! You may have started to believe over a period of years that others would probably not like you if you are your original self. Aren't you fooling yourself? Are you pleased to be a different version of yourself?


  1. You see no opportunity for advancement or appreciation in your current organisation, no matter how hard you work or stretch your job description or demonstrate your capabilities to managers. It is perfectly acceptable for any employee to change jobs for an increased salary and career growth. However, it is essential for you to receive a written offer from your prospective company before you resign from your current job.



Remember, you deserve to be happy and satisfied in the workplace. The workplace should give you endless reasons to shine and the efforts and dedication you put in should be appreciated.


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