Job based jokes!
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Tuesday 09 th October 2018

Job based jokes!

We have started compiling a list of job based jobs, but could really benefit from your support with extending it further. Please comment either on the post, or on social media. We will add the best ones to this post. Enjoy!

I’ve just been made redundant from my job making trampolines. Don’t worry, I’ll bounce back

I have always fancied a job making mirrors. I can see myself doing that  

I just quit my job as a mechanic. I was working too many hours and was exhausted!

I have just been sacked from the local bed shop. I am not going to take it lying down

Did you hear the joke about the guy who makes fences for a living? I’d better not, you’ll never get over it!

My friend Tom who is a postman has an awful job. He gets the sack every morning.

I’d tell you the joke about the dustman if it wasn’t rubbish.

What’s wrong with jokes about musicians? They always need fine tuning

I once had a job stitching shoes. It was so so.

I once thought of becoming a tailor, but was suited.

I got the sack from the local fast food restaurant for throwing food around. I couldnt see what the problem was, I just think my boss had a chip on his shoulder.


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