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  • Posted Monday 06 th November 2017

Online Job Salary Calculator, UK

Online salary calculators are designed to help you calculate what your take-home pay should be on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. They consider NI payments, tax, pension scheme payments, tax, student loan payments, and various other elements that can affect your take-home pay. 

They are helpful for finding out just how much better off you will be in that new role or with that new promotion, maybe your paycheck is higher or lower than you expected,  they can help you validate where this is correct. You can also compare your salary against the average annual salary in the UK, or work out what your take-home pay would be if you had one of the UK’s highest paying jobs!

You might be wondering if you’re getting paid enough or you might be looking for a career change for 2021 but can’t help wonder if it will support your current lifestyle and financial commitments? With our tool, it will help you make a more informed decision on whether to move into a particular industry or go for that promotion you’ve been hesitant about. 

We have reviewed the 100 most commonly advertised jobs online, and have compiled a table showing:

  • Job title
  • Number of positions advertised*
  • Average Salary
  • Our lower estimated salary
  • Our Upper Estimated salary

Average London Wage
The average wage in and around London is between £29,000 - £41,000 per year.

Average Weekly Wage in the UK
Average weekly wage in October increased to £507 from £506 per week in September 2016.

Average salary in England
The average salary in England is between £44,700 - £54,700 per annum.

England Salaries by Experience
The below figures will give you a general idea based on a sample size of jobs researched.
It won’t be a 100% true representation of what to expect based on experience.

Graduate Minimum average is £20,000 +
Junior Level Minimum average is £28,000 +
Senior Level Minimum average is £46,000 +

If you are looking to boost your career, why not download one of our CV templates and browse our job descriptions to learn more about the skills and qualifications needed to advance into the position you seek to attain.


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