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  • Posted Thursday 09 th August 2018

The 6 key considerations when committing to part-time work

When deciding to work part-time, you may wish to consider the following six points.



Make sure you know why you want part-time work. You will need to invest time and be committed to finding a suitable position. You will need to search the internet and filter jobs through job sites; this will be a lengthily process. You will possibly need to apply for hundreds of positions, you will need to have multiple conversations and then go to interviews, all this work is required and that’s even before you’ve done a day’s work!

Address your motivations for part time work, what do you need from it and what can you realistically commit to? What you expect to get, not just from a monetary point of view but overall how can this part time job help you in the future?

  • If you are a mother returning to work, then this can be an opportunity to help you re-connect with the corporate environment.
  • For students it might be a chance to trial a type of job, without having to make long term commitments.
  • A part time job can also serve as an opportunity to reskill and if so, be targeted about the type of jobs you are going for.  




Get a job with hours that suit you! Often part time work is on the employer’s terms and whilst you can’t change that, you can change the jobs you look for.

Avoid getting yourself in a situation where you need to unnecessarily pay for childcare and if you are a student avoid sacrificing your education.

How important is your life style and have you considered what you need to sacrifice?



What will your actual ‘take home’ be and when everything is considered, is it enough? What do you need to earn and is it worthwhile?

Consider the cost of working, the time to travel to work and are there enough hours of work available?



Consider the stability of the company, what is the turnover of staff like? What is their position within their industry and how do they fare against their competition, ultimately are they in a strong position?

Speak with the wider the workforce and try to get an overview of the company culture and research the company internet

Are they financially in a strong position, what are the reviews like from their customers, can you find references about the company and what do current, and former employers say.

Your manager – understands their commitment to the company, are they an advocate of this vacancy. What is their relationship with their manager and the company.



If you are a student, you can align the experience that you may gain with what you wish to do later in your career.

You can use this as a valuable experiment to gain knowledge into a career or industry. By doing a certain job now can motivate you and inspire you to work harder with the objective being to gain experience to help you secure a certain type of job after school or university.

The same applies for anyone else; by gaining this experience are you giving yourself more options and does this potentially provide opportunities that you may wish to pursue in the future?



Make sure you have a clear job description. A job advert can be very different from the job description so be clear on what they expect from you. Form an opinion on how your position effects the business unit and the company.

From a skills point of view, can you do it? Do you have the necessary skills? What training is required? Will the company support you?

Is the line manager’s view on the position consistent with the job advert and other people in the business?

What hours do they expect you to do the work in and are they being realistic?

In the interview process qualify what is important for you and don’t just ‘please’ the company and interviewer to secure the job.

What are you waiting for? Go and apply for your dream job today!


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