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  • Posted Tuesday 19 th January 2021

Politicians Salaries

Have you ever wondered what your politicians are earning? Here, we help answer your burning questions, such as does the Home Secretary's salary outweigh the Prime Minister's salary? Or, how does the Prime Minister's salary compare to that of the President of the United States?

We have compiled a report on high paid jobs across all industries, which you can compare to average salaries in the UK.

David Miliband Salary4: £772,000

David Miliband is the President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee and earns £772,000 from the charity. He was the former Foreign Secretary under Gordon Brown, and he has a strong reputation for being clever but not arrogant, through is his political career. During his time in the Foreign Office, he offered unwavering support for the United States and the Iraq War.

President Salary8: £292,500

The US President has a salary of $400k, and this comes with a healthy $50k expenses account, $100 travel account, and $19k Presidential's receptions package. Of course, the Americans would not want their President to feel not at home in the White House, and a $100k redecorating bonus when they move in helps them overcome this traumatic move.

Cressida Dick Salary5: £230,000

Cressida Dick is the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service and gained publicity in 2017 for accepting a salary that was £40k less than her predecessor. She is the first woman to hold the post. She received little public attention until she became the officer in command of the operation that led to Jean Charles de Menezes's fatal shooting, which she was cleared of any blame in 2007.

Chris Whitty Salary1: £210,000

Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty earns £210,000, and since becoming a key figure and spokesperson for the government on the COVID-19 epidemic, his salary is one of the most searched. Gaining an almost celebrity status, Chris has merchandise using his image and is the recipient on many memes. He appears aptly qualified for his current role, previously working at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and for the Department for International Development, supporting the UK's efforts in handling the West African Ebola epidemic.

PM Salary2: £198,600

The PM’s salary falls just shy of £200k. Boris Johnson is the current Prime Minister, who earned significantly more from his salary as a columnist for the Daily Telegraph. He once commented that his £250,000 a year earnings for his weekly Telegraph column were “chicken feed.” He gained much of his notoriety as the Mayor of London, serving from 2008 to 2016.

Speaker of the House Salary2: £145,500

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who replaced John Berclow as the Speaker of the House of Commons, following his retirement in 2019, earns a salary of £145k. He resigned his position as a Labour MP to take the 'referees' role, which is considered neutral. He is a passionate pet owner who enters his dogs into the Westminster Dog of the Year Competition.

Len McCluskey Salary3: £140,300

In 2014, Len McCluskey’s salary and pension were reportedly worth more than £140k, even though he is known for his digs at the fat cats. He is a trade unionist and the General Secretary of Unite the Union, a major donor to the Labour Party. He has been a firm backer and supporter of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Priti Patel Salary6: £71,090

Priti Patel may have a small salary as the Home Secretary. Still, she holds several lucrative contracts with other organisations, such as a £1,000 per hour contract with global communications firm Viasat. She was previously forced to resign from the government three years ago for failing to disclose secretive meetings with Israeli ministers. She is also a Director for accounting software firm Accloud, where she receives a £45,000 per year salary.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Salary7: £71,090

The Chancellor of the Exchequer earns a salary of just over £70k in addition to an £82k salary that the holder receives as an MP. Currently, the position is held by Rishi Sunak, who previously worked as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury. A rising star in the government, Rishi is married to the daughter of an Indian billionaire who is the Co-Founder of Infosys. He gained attention by standing in for Boris Johnson during some TV debates during the PM’s election campaign. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career in politics, attaining a degree in politics is not essential but extremely useful. You can volunteer to campaign for a group or political party to gain experience and the skills you will need. If you haven’t headed straight down the path into politics, don’t worry. Experience outside of politics will be seen as an asset. The most important thing is to work hard and stay with it.



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