A Parent’s Formula for a Winning Career - Productivity Tips For Parents
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Monday 14 th January 2019

A Parent’s Formula for a Winning Career - Productivity Tips For Parents

If you're a working parent, then it's not easy to manage both home and work. You've got to work smart to get things done. When you don't have a proper schedule, then you overburden yourself which will not help you to achieve an easy life.

If you wish to have a productive life, then here are a few steps that can increase your productivity day to day.

1. Make a plan: Every day is a new day. When you wake up, make sure to prepare a to-do list and add all your projects to it. Start there. With a proper plan, you won’t forget things and will accomplish each task on time. Also, a to-do list can assist you to evaluate your growth and any information you acquire on that particular day.

2. Prioritise your tasks: Make a note of all the tasks you're required to do in a day. Identify urgent versus important. Always try to finish critical tasks because if they are not executed by the end of the day, then there will be severely adverse consequences. It is also essential to be flexible and adaptable.

3. Find an hour a day for yourself: We don't get time for ourselves very often but trust me, it’s worth it. It's necessary to set some time aside for yourself, as it allows you to think more clearly. It also enables you to handle stress more successfully and live a more tension-free life. Make sure to add one hour of me-time to the calendar and use it as you need to.

4. Don’t Multitask: If you feel that multitasking is a great thing to do, then trust me you're wrong. Multitasking can hurt your brain. If you want to be productive, then avoid multitasking and make sure to fulfil one task at a time. If you're continuously attacked with various tasks, then you're killing your creativity. So, make sure that you take up one task at a time.

5. Delegate when you can: If you have lots of work to do, then you should delegate a part of your work to someone if possible so that you can concentrate on the essential tasks. There's only a limited amount of work that you can carry out all by yourself; you can't work for the whole day. So, it's highly recommended to delegate some tasks.

6. Let your kids work: Well we aren't discussing child labour here but it's always essential to let your kids work. They can help you with cleaning their rooms, packing their own bags, watering the garden, feeding the pets and other numerous tasks! So, it's always better to let your children help you out!

7. Don't unplug from anything: You don't have to disconnect yourself from the world to work. Always have a circle of friends, try to attend parties, hang out with your family, spend time with people you love. If you concentrate only on your work, then you may lose touch with your inner self. Try to manage all and enjoy the moment.

If you want to be more creative and productive, then you have to make and follow a timetable to get results.


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