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  • Posted Wednesday 10 th November 2021

Should I include hobbies on my CV?

If you are applying for jobs or contemplating doing so, you will need a CV that makes you stand out against the competition. It may seem like a straightforward task to add your job history and qualifications, yet you hit a relative roadblock when you get to your interests and hobbies.

In this article, we provide career advice on whether to include hobbies on your CV.

What is a hobby?

A hobby is any interest or activity that you engage in regularly during your free time. Your hobby may be purely for entertainment or fitness or something you do to earn extra income.

Popular hobbies include art and crafts, sports, reading, blogging, dancing, and much more.

Why you should include your hobbies on your CV

Your work experience and qualifications show recruiters you are capable of performing the role's duties. However, the subsequent CV in the recruiter's inbox might indicate the same. Your interests and hobbies can help you stand apart from other candidates and reveal your personality and desirable traits.

Reasons for including your hobbies:

  • Stand apart from others
  • Provide a personality snapshot
  • Demonstrate relevant skills and abilities
  • Encourage meaningful conversations during interviews
  • Show your passion or community engagement

Hobby relevancy and position

If securing a job offer is a close-run thing, your relevant hobbies and interests could swing the pendulum in your favour. Some recruiters pay them little heed, but relevancy is the key. To ensure your hobbies add value to your CV, consider the skills and attributes of the hobby and how these might transfer to the job role.

If you intend to apply for a carpenter or a plumber job, do you have a hobby, such as DIY, that demonstrates practical hands-on skills? If you are applying for a management role, are you the president of a club or society?

The other elements of your CV should take precedence, meaning your hobbies will likely be the last item on your CV. Consider them an opportunity to seal the deal, but never let them reduce focus or replace crucial sections such as job history, work experience, and professional qualifications.

What you should do if you don’t have a hobby

If you have no hobbies, you could volunteer your time for a cause or take an evening or online class. If you feel you are left with nothing more than watching TV or drinking with friends, it may be best to emit this section altogether.

How to add hobbies to your CV

A bullet point list of hobbies will not be effective, so focus on adding context and depth to one or two hobbies. Take a moment to reflect on how your hobby provides evidence of the skills you have mentioned throughout your CV.

Hobby example:

Podcast host performing guest and topic research. I organise the structure of episodes and prepare questions that inspire insightful responses and advice. I leverage excellent verbal communication skills and empathy to put guests at ease, encouraging them to open up and offer valuable opinions.


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