Tips for Job Searching: Strategies for Finding Your Dream Role
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Thursday 20 th June 2024

Tips for Job Searching: Strategies for Finding Your Dream Role

Finding a job that suits your experience, studies, and qualifications is not easy. Even if you know the best UK cities for work, which we will mention in this article too, you still can’t be sure that you will get the position you have been dreaming of. Competition is harsh, and many people need jobs, so you need a good strategy when trying to land that role you have always wanted. Let’s see below which proven strategies you can apply. 

Establish and Define Your Goals

Before you start looking for the job you have always dreamed of, it’s very important that you first think about your aspirations and future career potential. Start by thinking about the industry you want to work in. Next, investigate the companies that can offer you work in that industry. Since there are many companies out there, you will have a chance to choose between working for a small business or a large corporation. Establishing precise goals before you start your job search is very important as it will help you on your path to a dream job – but make sure these goals are professional and not personal. 

Network with Peers and Professional Connections

As soon as you have the list of your goals, contact relevant people in your professional network. Tell them you are interested in a job, inform them about your skills, and let them know what you’re interested in. They may know someone who can offer you a position. Never assume people in your professional circle are competitors who will not give you a hand. You could get lucky when you least expect it. Online and on-site networking is one of the most important aspects of job searching. 

Consider an In-Between Job or Internship

There are many jobs on the market, and companies don’t hire people who don’t have any sort of experience whatsoever. If you want to land your dream job, you need experience to begin with. If you haven’t worked at all so far, consider internships. You may not get paid for your work, but at least you will have something to show your future employers. They will learn that you did well in the past and consider you for a position. You can also get hired at a startup or a small company before you achieve your career goals and secure a spot with a renowned company in a large city. They will want to see that you did well for others. 

Polish Up Your Resume 

Writing your resume is not an easy task. You will not only have to list where you have worked before;  you will also need to describe the work you did. At the same time, you must create a visually appealing CV that categorises your jobs. Some websites can create CVs for you, and many others have templates for the perfect resume, so don’t hesitate to try them. Don’t forget to detail your educational background. List your relevant skills, especially if you are interested in an IT job. 

Participate in Industry Events 

You might think this is networking, but it isn’t. Job fairs are occasions for you to interact with industry leaders, mentors, and business owners. These people are looking for talent, so you should try talking to them. Keep in mind that some exclusive event materials may be for sale, so have some money on you to buy books and training materials. Engage in career discussions to showcase your talents. Simply put, prove that you have the necessary skills to occupy an important position in a top company. Who knows? You could attract someone’s attention and eventually land a job. 

Collaborate with Recruiters 

Working with recruiters may be the easiest solution to finding your dream job. They will compile your work history, skills, experience, and even your preferences. With recruiters’ help, you could land a position you’re interested in, and some offers may even exceed your expectations. But keep in mind that top IT recruiters ask about experience first. No matter how good they might be at their job, they can’t find you something if you don't have any proper experience. 

Best Cities for Work in the UK 

As it happens, job opportunities are not equally spread throughout the country. SignalHire, a contact database primarily used by recruiters, conducted recent research on the best UK cities for work with the most job opportunities and vacancies. So, even a pure statistical probability of landing your dream job in one of these cities is higher, based on the number of recruiters’ searches. 

If you are prepared to relocate, or if you already live in one of these cities, check out job opportunities in one of these UK employment hubs:


London has the highest number of vacancies for sales managers, business developers, and data engineers. But there are plenty of other job opportunities in the capital, which is also a global finance hub, a major IT centre, and a place for anything retail-related. 


Manchester is currently on the lookout for dentists, finance officers, and B2B marketing managers. Many international companies have established their offices here, so you have many opportunities with Deloitte, Siemens, Adidas, or Amazon. 


Oxford innovates and leads the tech industry; it’s a centre where IT careers can start, develop, and grow. Europe’s most advanced high-tech manufacturing and robotics centre, Oxford, is a destination for highly trained creative IT staff. Lately, there has been a major demand for software engineers, developers, and user experience designers.


Bristol has been actively looking for data scientists, data modellers, and business analysts. This city has a corporate air, and business professionals interested in corporate growth are always welcome here. Airbus Operations, Ovo Group Ltd, Royalty Pharma, and Brent Cars Limited have their headquarters here, so don’t hesitate to apply, especially if you have worked for similar companies before. 


Cambridge is a hub for engineers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a DevOps engineer or software development engineer; you can surely find a job here. This city is an important IT centre, so Cambridge's career opportunities are very impressive. 


Edinburgh is the top destination for data engineers and business analysts. You could also succeed as a software developer here. Among international companies that could offer you a position in Scotland’s capital are Tesco, Deloitte, Ernst&Young, and many other established names. Note, though, that qualifications are very important for Edinburgh. 


The economy in Northern Ireland is growing fast, so here you can find any number of job opportunities in Belfast. Recently, there’s been an increased demand for human resources specialists, payroll specialists, and chief directors. The most looked-for niches here are tech and finance, whereas some of the most important companies hiring are Alma Group, Danske Bank, and Random Holdings. 


Nottingham employers are mostly interested in hiring electronic technicians, B2B marketing managers, and business developers, but there are more promising job openings in this beautiful city. The finance sector, represented by the famous company Experian, is also flourishing here. Besides, the tech sector is on the rise, too. 

Hopefully, this article helped you understand that landing a dream job is not that difficult when you set your mind to it. Plus, keeping an open mind and exploring new career destinations can result in development and growth that would not have been possible in your hometown. 


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