Top Courses After School!
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  • Posted Wednesday 29 th August 2018

Top Courses After School!

When it comes to choosing your career, focusing on too many choices may leave you confused. Some people enroll in a course to improve their expertise in a specific subject; some enroll to broaden the knowledge while rest looks at it as a stepping stone towards a successful career. When it comes to your job, you should always opt for a course that can connect with and find interesting.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

Before you decide to enroll yourself in any course there are certain things you need to be clear about:

  •    Are you taking on the course casually or on a serious note, focusing on your career?
  •    How are you going to be benefitted from it in the long run?
  •    Can you take out time to attend physical classes or would you prefer an online course?
  •    How well can you connect with the subject matter of the course?

Mentioned below are top ten favorite courses opted by students in the UK:

1)  Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy tops the list and is beloved by students. This deals with the treatment of diseases, illnesses, and injuries using physical approaches like massage, exercise and heat treatment. It helps you to get a job in the NHS or private sector, in hospitals or for some private companies as a part of their professional sports teams.

2) Law: Next in the list comes Law, which is the most studied course in the country. It deals with the legalities and the different approaches to give justice to criminals and victims. The degree teaches students the skills to research, interpret, think analytically, negotiate, etc.

3)  Makeup: This is a creative field that deals with the application of makeup on the artist of various industries like fashion, media, theatre, etc. to help them match the part they are playing.

4)  Psychology: It is the study of the human mind and has always been a favorite field of study. As a psychologist, you can determine why a person is behaving in a particular way, and if you keep going in this field, you could attain heights in your profession.

5) Actuarial Science: This involves the application of statistics and maths to evaluate the risk involved with insurance products.   If you are keen towards solving business problems and money matters, then this is the perfect option for you. This helps you to excel in your career paths like accountancy, actuarial and insurance.


6) Paramedical Science: This is a combination of the theoretical and practical study that helps you to deliver instinctive medical care. A Paramedical Science degree is a tool that enables you to perform in case of unexpected medical situations.

7) Computer Science: Information technology is the study of exact and complicated science that dominates today’s world. It specialises in the theory and design of computational systems, websites and applications.

8) Sports Psychology: It is an interdisciplinary science that focuses on the role of psychology in sports performance and also how sport affects the psychological development. By undergoing these courses, you can take up careers like coaching, consultancy, etc.

9) Medicine and Surgery: The field of medicine includes diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of several diseases. Surgery is performed on a patient to treat and repair their body. So, by opting for a medical degree, you can become a successful doctor and expect a rewarding career.

10) Marine Biology: It deals with the study of the organisms in the marine environment. This helps you to take up a profession that deals with the preservation of the earth.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and pursue a course and get the best job.

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