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  • Posted Friday 14 th January 2022

Video Resumes: The Necessity For Employees In The Post Covid World

In the pre-COVID era, had you ever imagined that short videos could increase your chances of getting a job? Well, in the post-COVID world, this is the reality. The pandemic has left many people jobless, but there's a bright side to it, and that's what has helped people get creative.

People have used new concepts in cooking, living, working out, and leading life within their homes. Innovation led to the birth of video resumes which have made physical and in-person interviews obsolete in the online hiring arena. These resumes give recruiters a short but clear idea of the candidate and enable them to select the perfect one for the job role.

What Are Video Resumes?

Video resumes are videos recorded by job applicants looking for that perfect job in the post-COVID world. Applicants post their virtual resumes on different job portals online or send them personally to hiring teams and managers.

The hiring teams and managers review these resumes and shortlist candidates. Like written resumes, video resumes cover relevant information about the job applicant like name, skills set, address, hobbies, completed projects, and experience level.

Candidates can film these resumes professionally, showcasing their core personality using crisp and clear communication while being straightforward. Video resumes are in use these days and are widely being used in different job sectors.

These resumes offer exclusive benefits in the public speaking, teaching, social media creation, sales personnel, performances, and acting sectors. More and more companies these days are promoting and accepting video resumes over traditional ones.

Video resumes make it easier for companies to sort applications online and hire the most skilful individuals. These resumes appear as the perfect elevator pitch for recruiters while establishing the most vibrant image of the candidate.

The Necessity of Making Video Resumes in the Post-COVID World

Here are some reasons why candidates currently looking for a job should make use of video resumes.

  1. Shows Effort

People still indulge in the monotonous job of sending printed resumes to recruiters. When you create a video resume, it shows that you're going the extra mile and doing something new. You're going on a different track, which can help you win some extra points in the eyes of your employers and recruiters.

  1. More Scope to Present Yourself

Printed resumes are limited to words and hence limit people from presenting themselves. They cannot adequately convey their message to prospective employers and might sometimes end up losing a certain job.

This is not the case with a video resume, where you get the opportunity of presenting yourself to your probable employer in the best and most innovative way possible. You get to present yourself while communicating in a much better way.

  1. Ensures Credibility

People are often dishonest in their print resumes, make things up, and still get calls for interviews. The chances of someone faking information on video resumes are quite rare. Furthermore, candidates can be considered extra credible when they make a video resume.

  1. Provides Better Understanding of a Candidate

There's more scope for employers to understand a candidate through a video resume. Employers can comprehend the candidates not just through their qualifications and work experience but also by having a close look at how they behave or talk in their video resumes.

The candidates' gestures add up to their personalities and make it easier for employers to seek out the right employees for their organizations. This insight is not facilitated through a printed resume.

  1. They're Easy to Store

Video resumes are a relief for the recruiters, especially when it comes to storing them. These are merely videos that recruiters can easily save on their laptops. The work is much easier compared to storing piles of printed resumes.

  1. Shows the Enthusiasm of the Candidate

Video resumes are good at showing how excited and enthusiastic a candidate is about landing a job. This is not possible with a printed resume. 

Everything is crystal clear. Their gestures, expressions, and voice are sufficient for exemplifying their enthusiasm about availing the job opportunity.

  1. They're Attractive

Video resumes can serve as a boon for photogenic candidates. They also work well for candidates who are great at speaking.  Applicants' charm, words, and voice are instrumental for convincing employers. 

  1. Set the Right Impression

Most of the time, candidates are very nervous in their interviews, which is why they're unable to make a good first impression. With video resumes, candidates might not experience that sort of nervousness.

They can be their own self in their comfort zone. This further gives them an edge over other candidates who choose to send printed resumes to the employers.

  1. Portrays the Candidate as Tech-Savvy

In the post-COVID era, more and more companies are on the lookout for tech-savvy employees. This goes double for companies operating in the field of media, fashion, and information technology.

When you send a video resume to your employer while parting from the traditional way of creating a resume, it portrays you as a tech-savvy individual, and this can benefit you in the long run.

Companies in need of employees who can work from home will genuinely find you impressive due to your computer skills and will make haste to hire you.

  1. Shows Your Confidence Level

Creating a video resume is taking a chance and revealing all your cards. When you present yourself in front of the employer in a video instead of being present physically, it demonstrates your confidence level. It shows how confident you are about your experience and your abilities. It's also a professional way of presenting yourself to your prospective employer. 

Final Thoughts

In the Post-COVID world, video resumes serve as a medium for people to showcase the experience and extraordinary skills they possess. It's also entertaining and easier for employers to understand applicants' details with the help of visuals.

Thus, if you want to advance your career and land a good job in the current scenario, make sure to try your hands at creating a video resume!


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