What Are The Skills Required To Be A Data Scientist?
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  • Posted Friday 05 th July 2024

What Are The Skills Required To Be A Data Scientist?

The recent advancement in AI makes a huge demand for data scientists to manage the data. 

We all know that due to the growth of AI, data on the internet has grown rapidly. 

However, managing, analysing, and extracting insights from these data is a very challenging task. That’s where a data scientist comes in. 

So, if you want to be a data scientist, you must have the knowledge mentioned in this article.

Data Scientist Skills

What Are The Need for Data Scientist Skills?

According to some reports, the data market is forecasted to touch new heights in the upcoming years. This means that the big data business will get bigger in the future. 

However, even though the demand has increased, data companies worldwide are suffering due to a shortage of qualified data professionals. This shortage is just because they are failing to find a professional and skilled data scientist. 

That's why many people refer to data scientists as unicorns. But what are the actual skills a data scientist needs to succeed? 

Well, in my opinion, they also need knowledge of data science, technical skills, and leadership skills. If you want to take a data scientist skills test, Alooba offers a comprehensive test to evaluate your proficiency.

That's what we have described in this article. So, if you are a data scientist and want to get a good job, you must have the skills mentioned below. 

Data Scientist Technical Skills

Here are some skill sets that you are required to have as a data scientist:

1. Python Skills

Data Scientists must have a deep knowledge of Python programming languages. This language is considered crucial for data analysis tasks mainly because of its suitability. 

In Python, there are many ready-to-use libraries, such as Pandas, Matplotlib, and Numpy, that can be used to perform all types of data analysis. These Python libraries will help you in everything from data manipulation and cleaning to data visualisation and statistical analysis. 

That is why Python dominates in advanced data science subdomains, machine learning, and deep learning. It may also be known as the king of data science. 

2. R Skills

We have already talked about the king; now it's time for the queen of data science.

R Skills is an open-source programming language that was developed back in 1992 with a purpose of making statistical and computing analysis easier. R is widely used for scientific research in different sectors, such as finance and business. It also allows for various data analyses. 

Like the Python programming language, R has great libraries such as Tidyr and GGPlot2. Moreover, with the advancement of technology, the demand for R programming language is rapidly increasing. 

However, the only reason it makes it to the second position and not the first is that the adoption of data scientists is more limited. 

3. Statistics and Math Skills

If you want to become a successful data scientist, you must be very smart in statistics and math. A person with deep knowledge or a mathematical background can solve different mathematical and statistical concepts.

Now, when we are talking about maths, it is very important to tell you the basic mathematics tricks you need to know. So, you must know calculus, probability, statistics, and linear algebra. 

Moreover, knowing Bayesian theory is a plus if you are into AI and machine learning. 

4. Machine Learning and AI Skills 

Machine learning and AI are crucial things for a data scientist to know. Machine learning is an algorithm that learns to do complex tasks without explicitly being programmed. 

Everything uses machine learning, from Snapchat filters to YouTube video recommendations. So, this is something that every data analyst or scientist should know.

So, that's all we have on the skills required to be a data scientist. We hope you liked the skills mentioned in this article. For more info, comment below and let us know.

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