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  • Posted Wednesday 01 st December 2021

What Is A Life Coach And How Can One Help Me With My Career

Reaching any goal is difficult without some form of guidance or coaching. Recognising they can’t do it all on their own, people are discovering the benefits of having a life coach, helping them reach their personal and professional aspirations.

With the formulation of a clear path that leads to success, with meaningful actions and steps, a life coach could provide the focus and direction you need to discover and develop your skills, join the workforce, and progress your career.

What is a life coach?

A life coach is a professional that leverages their knowledge, experience, insights, and feedback to help you change your life and reach your goals. The life coach plays the part of motivator, strategist, and accountability partner, defining clear steps in an achievement process and ensuring their execution.

You can think of a life coach as a personal fitness trainer for your career, planning and providing strategies to stay on track and move forward, setting goals, helping you overcome obstacles, and teaching you how to make the best decisions for yourself.

How can a life coach help my career?

A life coach begins by analysing your current situation, noting limiting beliefs, obstacles, and potential challenges. A plan is then created to help you achieve your specific professional outcome.

A life coach can help you with your career by providing:

  • Skills development - A life coach will help you discover your strengths and weaknesses with purposeful steps to encourage skills development.
  • Direction - A life coach will help you understand who you are and encourage you to achieve your goals. You will discover things about yourself that you did not realise, helping you develop personally and professionally.
  • Setting goals - Short and long-term goals are set to reduce uncertainty and speed your path of progression.
  • Goal attainment - A life coach helps you focus on aligning your current career with your short and long-term goals, denoting actions and milestones.
  • Feedback - Honest and unbiased feedback lets you know where you are and holds you accountable for your personal and professional accomplishments. Your life coach will make regular checks to ensure you follow your plan and increase your success odds.
  • Interview preparation - With many years of experience, a life coach provides the opportunity to practice your interview skills and make recommendations based on what enabled success with other individuals. Your self-confidence will improve, and you will begin to identify what makes you an ideal candidate.
  • Networking - Life coaches have extensive professional networks that might give you the connections you need or industry insights.

If you want to define your vision for success, work towards financial independence, improve your work/life balance, enhance your communication skills, and foster powerful professional connections, a life coach is something to investigate further.

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