Why Is Part-Time Work Low Paid?
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Friday 17 th August 2018

Why Is Part-Time Work Low Paid?

Part-time workers receive a considerably lower salary, when compared to full-time workers. Millions of those in part-time employment work part-time, not because they want to, but because they cannot get full-time work.

To get full-time employment, employers are often looking for a greater depth of knowledge in the chosen field.

Part-time employees generally earn less per hour for the same work as their full-time counterparts, they often lack access to essential workplace advantages, they are sometimes refused work progression possibilities, and are subject to sadistic scheduling systems in order to get more work done in their part-time hours!!  It is worth noting that 45% of female workers in the UK are part-time.

Consequently, the variety of jobs and the levels of salary and

positions that are available on a part-time basis significantly impact

the economic possibilities for women.


One of the significant reasons part-time work is low paid is because employees with part-time jobs have comparatively less knowledge and experience.

In addition, there does appear to be a difficulty in the fact that women who want to shift from full-time work to part-time work (due to a variety of reasons) often have to resort to finding a new employer and sometimes even a new occupation. This goes some way to explaining why women are low paid in part-time jobs when compared to full-time employment.

However, things have been changing for the better and employers increasingly try their best to assign the most appropriate jobs for all the part-time employees, based on skills and experience. There are many sites which provide excellent jobs for all the job seekers who are trying to work hard and make their mark!

You might like to find a part-time job, whilst also studying for a qualification which will enable you to find a better, higher paid job in the future (whether full-time or part-time).

Make sure to choose the best part-time jobs, which put money in your pocket as well as providing you with knowledge and experience and hopefully, job satisfaction too!



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