Work Smarter, Not Harder!
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Monday 03 rd September 2018

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Considering the approaches of companies today; reducing employee terms and increasing the workload has become very common. So, to keep up with this trend, you are forced to adopt the strategies of smart work. By utilising the perfect combination of time-management, you can cut the stress to a great extent and save significant amounts of time each day. Irrespective of the job or the industry you are in, you always tend to have a feeling that the hours in a day are not sufficient to get everything done. This is what gives you an impression that you are lagging behind; this in-turn affects not only your productivity but also your health.

Why Work Smart?

There are several reasons that just as to why you should work smart. You can see around that intelligent work helps you to save a lot of time for other activities in life like spending some quality time with your family, exercising and relaxation. Not only this, as a smart worker you can become more organised and can reach your goals quicker. Additionally, quick work helps you to get a lot of recognition in your workplace and gives you a fast growth in your career.

Tips On How To Work Smart -

1) Use Technology

Today software programs can help you organise your work and allow easy access. Also adopting a personal scheduling program like to-do lists, a calendar and work plans. enable you to save time.

2) Group Incoming Messages

Frequently checking and replying to emails, voicemail and other distractions interrupts your thought process and hampers productivity. You should adopt the "Do, Delegate, Delete" principle to deal with such requests. Check incoming messages in batches only three to four times in a day.


3) Stay Away From The Time-Wasters

A lot of time is wasted by visiting distracting social media sites, attending unnecessary meetings and interacting with gossipy colleagues. You should shift your focus from these and try to concentrate on the productive activities.

 4) Take Small Breaks Frequently

Everyone of us, needs to clear our minds no matter how busy we are. A five to ten-minute break from your work helps to relax your body and refresh your mind.

5) Delegate   

Never try to do everything yourself. You should start delegating some of the responsibilities. This not only allows you to focus on your priority items but also gives your co-workers a chance to grow.

6) Learn to say “No”

When someone at your office asks you to do favour which is not a part of your job, learn to decline it politely, yet firmly.

7) Stop Targeting At Perfection

A person who is satisfied with a position that is done well and not looking for perfection in everything is considered most auspicious.

8) Learn To Ask For Help When Needed   

If you are overburdened at work that’s causing unnecessary stress, never suffer in silence. If you are feeling stressed out at work, speak to your boss about your situation and get it sorted.

So, we can well conclude that in today’s scenario it is smart to work, that is in. Adopting this strategy not only helps you in saving time but you can also achieve your goals faster, will help you!


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