How To Ask If A Job Is A Remote Job
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Friday 29th April 2022

How To Ask About Work From Home In A Job Interview

Work from home is something many people have experienced during the pandemic. It is one unexpected good thing to come out of the tragic pandemic, and as a result, you may want to find a new job that embraces working remotely permanently. If you are about to begin making remote job searches, you are ...

Is Remote Working Here To Stay
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Thursday 28th April 2022

Are Working From Home Jobs Here To Stay?

Most companies and their employees have experienced some form of remote working over the past few years. Most people were working from home because of government restrictions and social distancing during the pandemic, proving that technology in a home office was more than capable of keeping employee...

How The Remote Workforce Is Changing The Job Market
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Wednesday 27th April 2022

How Has Working From Home And Remote Jobs Changed The Landscape Of The Job Market

It seems like a lifetime ago that the COVID-19 pandemic began, with the labour market changing at an unprecedented rate since March 2020. While some uncertainties remain, the work environment has changed permanently, and so have the perceptions on remote work. Employees and employers alike have see...

How To Find Remote Work Online
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Wednesday 27th April 2022

How Can I Find Remote Work

Do you want to work from home every day? Many people have been working remotely at some point during the last few years. And, if you liked the taste of remote work and have been called back into the office, you might be on the hunt for remote and work from home jobs. In this article, we look at: ...

Should You Mention Work From Home Experience On Your CV And Cover Letter
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Wednesday 27th April 2022

Should I Include Working From Home On My CV And Cover Letter?

Work from home jobs and remote jobs have risen in popularity and occurrence in recent years. If you are contending with writing a cover letter, CV, or resume, then you may be looking at these essential documents from several perspectives: Should I include previous remote work experience on my C...

Do Workers Get Lower Salaries If They Work From Home
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Monday 25th April 2022

Do Work From Home Jobs Pay Less?

Millions of people have experienced working remotely during the pandemic, proving that remote workers can be as effective and productive as office workers. Having experienced remote work, you might be considering working fully remote for your current employer, are being asked to do so by your employ...

Post pandemic remote work
  • By Check-a-Salary
  • Posted Tuesday 01st March 2022

Working from home after Covid19 – Is it here to stay?

A vast percentage of employees have always wanted to work from home; most people will acknowledge that there are days spent working in the office when simply nothing gets done. And when I say nothing, I don’t mean people aren’t working. In reality, a day of nothing actually means doing ...