Example CV Template For an Art Director

Using a CV Template when creating a CV for an Art Director position is a helpful way of putting structure into your CV, and a great way to learn ideas; it is good practice to view several examples of CVs from your industry, so you can define what you would like to achieve.

Be careful when using a CV template because the content you include needs to be unique content, tailored to your experiences as an Art Director and specifically, about your achievements. When creating your CV, a key tip is to carefully insert your personality, give an overview of your job responsibilities and share insights about your career that you are proud of.

Start with a unique personal statement tailored specifically to you. Focus on who you are, what your strengths are and share the traits that make you a standout candidate for jobs in Marketing. In your CV, you need to address who you are, what you have to offer, what you are aiming for in your career and you need to let the reader understand the type of impact you will have in their company, should you be employed.

Sample CV Summary for an Art Director

As an Art Director, I helped develop ad campaigns by carrying out research, coordinating with other art departments, and designing cohesive, brand-specific initiatives that appeal to the target demographic. I was responsible for leading a team of artistic people and coordinating resources to create unique ad campaigns with the target audience in mind. As an Art Director, I also met with clients and internal departments to discuss and establish project objectives, research current trends, establish target demographics, and design and troubleshoot all visual aspects of the ad campaign, from the initial planning stages until the finished campaign is presented to the client or company. I possess an excellent understanding of graphic design concepts and software and have excellent interpersonal skills. To succeed in Art Director's role, I needed to be a creative and communicative multitasker with exceptional project and time management skills. I was responsible for being punctual, perceptive, and detail-oriented with an excellent mind for developing and realising the campaign's vision.

CV Example Experience for an Art Director's

  • Working with other members of the art department to evaluate client or company needs, develop project strategies, and create visual elements for ad campaigns.
  • Speaking with the company or client to set goals, provide updates, receive feedback, and present the final campaign.
  • Conducting research to better understand brand objectives, target markets, and industry trends.
  • Hiring, training, and supervising design staff.
  • Coordinating resources with other departments to create a cohesive, effective campaign.
  • Establishing budgets and timelines and delivering the finished campaign within those parameters.
  • Troubleshooting design, staff, or process problems as they arise.
  • Ensuring all aspects of the campaign align with the needs of the client or company.
  • Looking for ways to improve design department processes.

CV Tips for an Art Director

  • High level of accountability and motivation.
  • Strong Interpersonal, time and project management, presentation, leadership, and communication skills.
  • Creativity and ability to delegate responsibilities.
  • Receptiveness to feedback and adaptability.
  • Travelling and meeting deadlines.
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design and marketing.
  • Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office and graphic design software.
  • Proficiency in graphic design with industry-specific knowledge.