Example CV Template For a Treasury Manager

Using a CV Template when creating a CV for a Treasury Manager position is a helpful way of putting structure into your CV, and a great way to learn ideas; it is good practice to view several examples of CVs from your industry, so you can define what you would like to achieve.

Be careful when using a CV template because the content you include needs to be unique content, tailored to your experiences as a Treasury Manager and specifically, about your achievements. When creating your CV, a key tip is to carefully insert your personality, give an overview of your job responsibilities and share insights about your career that you are proud of.

Start with a unique personal statement tailored specifically to you. Focus on who you are, what your strengths are and share the traits that make you a standout candidate for jobs in the Banking and Insurance sector. In your CV, you need to address who you are, what you have to offer, what you are aiming for in your career and you need to let the reader understand the type of impact you will have in their company, should you be employed.

Sample CV Summary for a Treasury Manager

As the Treasury Manager, I oversaw the financial processes of the organisation. My responsibilities included monitoring day-to-day operations, including incoming cash flow. I was also responsible for creating a strong, long-term financial strategy, including making investments on the company’s behalf, dealing with banks and financial institutions, and updating company policies. The role called for strong analytical and communication skills.

CV Example Experience for a Treasury Manager's

  • Monitoring day-to-day operations and cash flow
  • Auditing company expenses and financial policies
  • Communicating decisions and progress to the organisation
  • Developing a coherent financial strategy
  • Investing money on our behalf

CV Tips for a Treasury Manager

  • List all relevant financial qualifications
  • Include degree-level education
  • Be clear and concise
  • Play to your strengths and experience
  • Highlight any specialist financial training