How to Become a Security Guard

Security guards make sure that premises, personnel, and valuables remain secure. They patrol business premises and monitor access points to prevent unauthorised entry. Security guards use surveillance technology to monitor buildings and inspect security equipment to ensure everything is protected from theft or damage.

Key Responsibilities for a Security Guard

  • Patrolling premises to check the security of access points
  • Checking windows, doors, and access points
  • Monitoring CCTV system
  • Responding to alarms
  • Checking staff and other visitors into the premises
  • Issuing visitor passes to non-employees
  • Recording all visitors to the premises
  • Ensuring all people leave the premises at the end of each day
  • Operating scanning equipment when required
  • Guarding access points to prevent unauthorised access

Common Qualifications for a Security Guard

  • Certificate in Principles of Providing Security Services
  • Security Industry Authority licence
  • Private security training

What to expect as a Security Guard

Security guards patrol the grounds of business premises to prevent theft or uno=authorsied access to the premises. You will use monitoring equipment, check windows and doors, and contact law enforcement in the case of suspicious activity. To be successful in this career, you will need excellent communication and observational skills and be physically fit.

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