School Matron in Birmingham Apply

Location: Birmingham

Salary: Hidden

Recruiter: Pertemps Birmingham Commercial

Date Advertised: 2021-11-26

School Matron Job Description.Medical To assess First Aid problems presented by pupils and staff, taking appropriate action in the event of an emergency and communicating with staff and parents as necessary.To be responsible for administering prescribed drugs which are necessary to be taken by pupils during the school day, ensuring that parental consent is obtained and recorded.To attend to minor medical needs of pupils, such as administering plasters, bandages etc as required, and look after pupils who feel ill.To act as a listening ear for all pupils and communicate any concerns to the Form Tutor and Headmaster.To arrange First Aid for trips, residential trips, matches, swimming and sports day- see teacher responsible, Prepare emergency medication bag with medical list, check provision of suitable first aid supplies on minibuses (if going in coach remember to prepare First Aid bag and sick buckets etc)To prepare for Residential trips- Purchase any special items, pack essential first aid bag and emergency med bag. Collate all the necessary information from trip forms for ease of access for staff. And ensure that appropriate forms are available for staff to record any First Aid administered on the trip.To create individual medical records for new pupils, enter any medical problems and update existing records as new information is received.To be responsible for ensuring all children with medical needs has the appropriate alert card or plan in place and that medication is in school.To be responsible for ensuring all medication in a child’s emergency medication pack is within date and suitable for use, along with any alert cards or plans that should be accompanying them.To collect and review all green annual medical forms at the start of the year, communicating with parents in regards to any discrepancies and absent forms.To arrange Ear/Eye tests with the appropriate professions, making sure to liaise with Early Years staff on date and procedure.To liaise with the school nurse weekly on recent developments with pupils.To arrange appointments for parents with the school nurse if needed.To make arrangements for vaccination sessions, undertaking the necessary communications and ensuring appropriate records are completed and retained. Overseeing the process when they are carried out.To carry out a Nit nurse check when necessary, contacting parents and sending letters out where appropriate.To be responsible for sending out medical letters regarding chicken pox, measles etc –         After consultation with the Headmaster. To attend to incidents in the Early Years should the team require assistance or guidance.To carry out bi-monthly stock audits of all First Aid boxes and First Aid kits throughout the school (including those used for trips) and ensure they are replenished. Ensure all emergency First Aid medical equipment is in good working order.To be responsible for maintaining stocks and ordering medical supplies and equipment in order to ensure adequate emergency medical resources exist within the school.To keep an accurate list of all staff accredited with First Aid training, together with dates of expiry, and arrange training to ensure that an appropriate number of staff for all areas of school are trained in these skills.To review medical policies and procedures, notifying the Headmaster if any changes need to be made.To check all food brought into school for special occasions in case of allergens and monitor the delivery to the boys. School Shop To arrange uniform appointments for all new starters ensuring they are given correct information in regards to the requirements and pricing.To arrange and manage uniform appointments during the summer holidays for all year groups requiring any changes to uniform as well as children in other year groups needing new sizes.To send out letters towards the end of the academic year regarding the appointment availability, requirements, and pricing of uniform that year. Ensure all information in the letter has been updated to reflect current circumstances.To be responsible for the ordering of uniform from suppliers, chasing deliveries and confirming invoices.To be responsible for checking and organising any deliveries of uniform, making sure it is entered correctly onto the PASS system.To carry out a stock take every half term, and email to the Bursar.To distribute uniform on a day to day basis when required by parents via notes, emails or verbal communications and making sure this is entered onto the appropriate account straight away.To accurately fit uniform for distribution when parents are unable to be present, contacting parents if needed.To aide in the daily search for lost property and return when necessary.To manage returns of uniform deemed faulty via the Post Office when necessary. If you have previous School Matron experience please “HIT APPLY”Upload you’re most up to date CV. Thank you.
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