Clergy Salaries

Average Salary: £36,931.94

Min: £19,000.00 Max: £65,551.00

Average Clergy Salary in UK: £36,931.94

The average Clergy salary is £36,932. Working in Clergy you can earn between £19,000 and £65,551.

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A career as a clergy often involves working in a particular faith. If you are Catholic, Christian, Protestant, Islamic, or Jewish, then a career path in these religions is possible. There are also jobs available as spiritual leaders.

For example, The Church of England has 18,000 ordained clergy and more than 10,000 licenced lay ministers. Acquiring the role takes dedication, and many who successfully begin a career have a degree, as well as a calling. A quarter of all clergy is of retirement age, demonstrating that this is a life-long role for many.

You might be employed by a religious organisation or a hospital, the Armed Forces, a nursing care facility, or a home health care service.

A program of study and skills development usually precedes a clergy career, and you will have shown a commitment to faith and likely have spent many hours as a volunteer. An average role in the clergy offers £26,800 per year. 

A quarter of the clergy holds a degree, and highly experienced workers can earn a salary of £39,100 or more.

Core responsibilities in Clergy

Most clergy persons will find themselves performing religious ceremonies such as weddings and funerals, as well as birth and coming of age ceremonies. All clergy will spend much of their time promoting spirituality and sharing religious insight. You will be required to study and read religious texts, provide faith-based comfort, and encourage people to lead a good life with moral principles.

What to expect from a career in Clergy

You will spend a significant amount of time speaking in public and providing counselling. Your time may be spent speaking to the community and youth groups, visiting people’s homes, or seeing them in hospitals or care homes.

The role can have long and unsociable hours, and you might find yourself working ten or twelve hours a day and at weekends.

Core Clergy skills

Interpersonal skills are essential, and you should have a supportive and empathetic personality. You will be a good listener and an effective communicator who is always ready to collaborate with others. Public speaking requires you to be confident and multi-lingual skills are highly advantageous. You will need good organisational skills and always be ready to put others before yourself.

If this sounds like you, maybe it is time to kick-start a career in the clergy.

Clergy Salaries by Region

Compare Clergy salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £35,917.05
Eastern £36,447.93
London £43,043.97
North East £33,088.86
North West £34,145.78
Northern Ireland £32,240.97
Scotland £32,349.20
South East £36,640.17
South West £32,072.62
Wales £30,717.18
West Midlands £35,599.52
Yorkshire and the Humber £33,658.65