Information Technology (IT) Salaries

Average Salary: £47,860.52

Min: £22,000.00 Max: £99,278.00

Average Information Technology (IT) Salary in UK: £47,860.52

The average Information Technology (IT) salary is £47,861. Working in Information Technology (IT) you can earn between £22,000 and £99,278.

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An IT career is an opportunity to work in one of the most exciting and fast-paced industries in the world. Over 1 million people are employed in the IT sector in the UK and due to its rapid growth, there is always a demand for new people, so you will find lots of interesting job opportunities in IT.

The IT industry has many options when it comes to careers, with everything from dedicated development team, IT sales and systems management to video game design and software engineering. A job in IT gives you many choices to put your skills to use and find the best IT job.

Salary averages in the IT industry can vary depending on the area you work in and the qualifications required for the work. As a computer systems administrator, you can expect a salary of around £21,200 while choosing to specialise in something like video game design can give you a salary of £60,100.

In more advanced IT jobs you can expect to earn more, for example, a computer programmer can earn £43,700 and a system analyst job offers an average of £45,000. Working for certain employers or gaining more experience can give you a much higher earning potential in IT.

Core responsibilities in Information Technology (IT)

Core responsibilities in IT will usually consist of managing software and hardware either within a small team for a business or across multiple locations for a large IT firm. IT sales will require you to contact potential clients to close sales, this could be office based or as an IT sales representative out on the road.

You can choose to specialise and use your knowledge and skills in design or programming. As a video game designer, your work will be project-based and will be based within a design company. As a software engineer, you will be responsible for designing, building, and testing software before it is released. If you are passionate about systems and technology, an IT career is the perfect option.

What to expect from a career in Information Technology (IT)

An IT career will require some training to give you the basic skills needed to work in the industry. The relevant IT courses can help you start and then you can gain further training as you work. There is a choice of IT apprenticeships as well as IT graduate jobs, so you will be able to find a role suitable to your knowledge.

A career in game design, computer programming, and other specialist IT jobs will require specific qualifications relevant to the role.

Core Information Technology (IT) skills

Excellent analytical skills and a desire to keep learning are a great start in an IT career, as the industry moves quickly. Skills with computers and software would be ideal and a specialist IT degree will be required for certain jobs within the IT sector.

If you are looking for a fast-paced career with lots of opportunities, a job in IT is for you.

Information Technology (IT) Salaries by Region

Compare Information Technology (IT) salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £37,401.99
Eastern £41,179.72
London £66,322.54
North East £38,569.17
North West £42,957.77
Northern Ireland £39,304.55
Scotland £45,847.29
South East £44,704.74
South West £41,269.28
Wales £38,607.50
West Midlands £41,755.84
Yorkshire and the Humber £39,191.71

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