Marketing Salaries

Average Salary: £37,530.03

Min: £21,500.00 Max: £69,999.00

Average Marketing Salary in UK: £37,530.03

The average Marketing salary is £37,530. Working in Marketing you can earn between £21,500 and £69,999.

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Marketing can cover a diverse field of industries with marketing required across most businesses. You will find plenty of opportunities in mobile, media, and direct marketing. Marketing jobs generally consist of either working for a company within their marketing department (in house) or working for an agency with a range of clients.

Jobs in the industry can range from digital marketing roles and brand management to media planning and communications and public relations. You can choose to work in advertising, affiliate marketing, or marketing sales, so you can find a job that suits your areas of interest.

The marketing industry is highly competitive and can offer high salaries when working for large advertising corporations or big brands. Your level of salary will depend on your experience and any particular skills you have in marketing mediums.

The average marketing manager salary is £42,500, reaching £77,500 for people with lots of experience. An account marketing manager can earn £39,900, and executives in large agencies or those working for premium brands can make significantly more.

Core responsibilities in Marketing

The core responsibilities in marketing jobs will involve helping your business or clients connect with their customers by using various techniques. You will be promoting brands or specific products to potential and existing customers. 

A marketing job will cover several processes and mediums to connect with your customers, including digital content, events, and social media marketing. You will need to make your company stand out among competitors, so you will be using creative ideas to produce unique marketing campaigns.

What to expect from a career in Marketing

Marketing jobs are available across a variety of industries and will allow you to work anywhere in the UK or across the world. You should be prepared to work to tight deadlines, and you will primarily work in an office with some travel if you need to visit clients or attend events.

Marketing is a fast-paced and highly creative industry, so you will be working in an exciting environment that is sometimes stressful but rewarding. You will have access to the latest communication technologies and some cutting-edge advertising techniques making this a dynamic career choice.

Core Marketing skills

You do not necessarily need a degree, but better opportunities exist for graduates. Desirable degrees include digital marketing, advertising, or communications. Marketing employers are also looking for a particular skill, relevant attributes, and experience. 

To be successful, you should be able to build relationships, be able to work under pressure and use your creative side for problem-solving. A flair for creative ideas to communicate with your chosen audience will be an advantage.

If this sounds like you, an exciting career in marketing is waiting.

Marketing Salaries by Region

Compare Marketing salaries across different regions

Region Salary
East Midlands £31,513.93
Eastern £34,098.64
London £46,294.83
North East £31,445.50
North West £32,842.36
Northern Ireland £29,744.02
Scotland £35,250.08
South East £36,783.99
South West £33,488.10
Wales £32,181.57
West Midlands £33,771.04
Yorkshire and the Humber £32,115.55

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