Average Actor Salary

The average Actor salary in UK is £30,675.96
The hourly average pay for an Actor salary in UK is £14.75
The starting salary for a junior Actor in UK is £20,800.00 per year or £10.00 per hour

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What does an Actor earn?

On average, actors earn around £30,675.96 per year in the UK. Actors portray a character in a film, television, theatre, and other performing arts media. Actors also work at live events or theme parks. They inform or entertain an audience, following a writer’s script.

How to earn more as an Actor

To become an actor, you will usually need to pass an audition after completing an acting course at a drama school, college, or university. To earn more in this career path, you can take further training or move into drama therapy, teaching, scriptwriting, or directing.

Average Salary: £30,675.96

Min: £20,800.00 Max: £58,500.00

Average Actor Salary in UK : £30,675.96

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Salary by Region

Compare Actor salaries across different regions

Region Salary
Scotland £24,252.75
Wales £22,402.95
Northern Ireland £42,000.00
East Midlands £30,085.45
Eastern £33,158.42
London £43,181.01
North East £29,658.90
North West £32,672.50
South East £36,563.32
South West £31,140.62
West Midlands £24,099.86
Yorkshire and the Humber £22,825.09

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Understanding the Average Actor Salary in the UK

As an actor in the UK, it's important to have a clear understanding of the average salary in the industry. The average Arts salaries in the UK can provide you with a benchmark to gauge your earning potential. You can find more information about average Arts salaries here.

Salary Expectations for Newly Qualified Actor

For newly qualified actors, salary expectations can vary depending on factors such as experience, talent, and the type of roles you secure. To get a better idea of the salary range for actors in the UK, you can explore various job search platforms. You can start your search here.

Salaries for Experienced Actor

Experienced actors in the UK have the potential to earn higher salaries compared to their newly qualified counterparts. With a proven track record and a strong portfolio, you can negotiate better pay for your acting services. Keep in mind that salaries can vary greatly depending on the project, production company, and your level of fame.

Creating an Actor CV

A well-crafted CV is essential for actors looking to showcase their skills and experience. To create an impressive actor CV, you can use a professional template that highlights your achievements and qualifications. You can find a suitable CV template for actors here.

Career Development Opportunities for Actor

As an actor, there are various career development opportunities available to help you grow and advance in the industry. Whether it's attending workshops, joining acting associations, or seeking mentorship, investing in your professional development can open doors to better roles and higher earnings. For career advice specific to actors, you can find valuable information here.

Comprehensive Compensation for Actor

Being an actor involves more than just a salary. Comprehensive compensation can include additional benefits such as royalties, residuals, and profit-sharing arrangements. These additional sources of income can significantly boost your overall earnings as an actor.

Strategies for Increasing Your Salary as an Actor

If you're looking to increase your salary as an actor, there are several strategies you can employ. Building a strong network, continuously improving your skills, and seeking out diverse roles can help you stand out and command higher pay. Additionally, negotiating contracts and leveraging your popularity can also lead to better financial rewards.

Professional Development and Earnings

Investing in your professional development as an actor can directly impact your earnings. By honing your craft, expanding your skill set, and staying up-to-date with industry trends, you can position yourself for more lucrative opportunities. Continuously seeking ways to improve and grow can lead to higher earnings in the long run.

Capitalising on Extra Hours and Duties

As an actor, there may be opportunities to earn additional income by taking on extra hours or duties. This can include participating in rehearsals, attending promotional events, or taking on behind-the-scenes responsibilities. By capitalizing on these opportunities, you can not only increase your earnings but also gain valuable experience and exposure.

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