Baggage Porter Salary in Cumbria

The average Baggage Porter salary in Cumbria is £21,033.66

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Average Salary: £21,033.66

Min: £19,760.00 Max: £23,462.00

Average Baggage Porter Salary in Cumbria: £21,033.66

Min: £18,720.00 Max: £22,734.00

Average Baggage Porter salary in North West: £20,486.40

Min: £17,680.00 Max: £23,920.00

Average Baggage Porter salary in England: £20,757.60

Min: £18,823.00 Max: £24,720.00

Average Baggage Porter salary in UK: £21,119.18

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Room Attendant


Location: Penrith

Salary: £19,567 - £19,567

Recruiter: Whitbread

Job Hours: Unknown

Did you know Penrith has some of the oldest settlement with camp sites dating back 5000 years. I know! Do you like to make thing sparkle?Do you want to let out your inner Mrs Hinch and get or keep fit?Well we have got you covered! We will show the way to keeping our famous beds fresh while you get ...

Salary by Region

Compare Baggage Porter salaries across different regions

Region Salary
Scotland £20,888.52
Wales £20,220.74
Northern Ireland £20,179.71
East Midlands £20,246.41
Eastern £20,709.55
London £22,630.48
North East £20,113.03
North West £20,486.40
South East £20,943.56
South West £20,714.18
West Midlands £20,415.09
Yorkshire and the Humber £20,317.21